Why Become the Best Version of Yourself

I’ve always dreaded regrets.
Every time I had some, I can’t seem to find that “peace of mind”.

A silhouette of a young girl on rock at sunset 1

It felt like becoming an incomplete being.
We will only live once and we must savor this time that was given to us. No matter how many lives we may have, if we won’t put our utmost importance and care to it, it won’t make any difference and we will always end up frustrated and unfulfilled.

Getting up with a goal in mind is one thing I still try to work on and is one of the lists I hope to do and get used to, to become that version of me that I will be proud of.

But, why do you need to be the best version of yourself?

Because everyone hates regrets.

Ever since I stumble upon this article:
The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying
I started to work on my life.

How can I make it more lively? More interesting and most importantly, How can I make it worth living?

Creating a life with purpose will remain the puzzle that I need to solve. We may live 80, 50, 30 years and even shorter. We will NEVER know what our timeline will be. Nevertheless, we must always prepare ourselves.

Did I become the best version of myself today?

Or did I choose to WASTE the life that was given to me?

It’s time to think about how our lives are turning. No one will know yourself better than you do (supposedly). Reflect. Observe and Act on it.

Become the best version of yourself. Regardless. No if’s; No but’s.