#HowToAdult Caravan By Francis Kong @ Ampitheater, UP Town Center

Thank you Mr. @franciskong for delivering a very powerful message about #howtoadult. My take away is to develop the power of discipline, (Intellectually, Emotionally, Physically, Financially and Spiritually). It's always a privilege to hear you talk about the success of one person the right way. May the Lord continuously bless you with wisdom and boldness to speak, Sir. Thank you for making this event possible, #thephilippinestar #metrobank #sunlife #avida "Discipline is delayed gratification"

First of all, this talk wouldn’t be made possible without the sponsors: Metrobank, Sun Life and Avida (with special participation of The Philippine Star and UP Town Center). We should be very thankful for your kindness by giving us the chance to listen and meet THE Francis Kong.

It has been a long time since I’ve been wishing to meet Francis Kong. I have not read any of his book but his page in Facebook has been trending for a while and I seemed to be so curious about him because of how positive he is and how many followers he has. If you are not yet one of them, please do so, for he’ll surely give you insights, inspiring words of wisdom and motivation – his niche (aside from being an entrepreneur/businessman). Seeing him in person and feeling his presence is very overwhelming and striking. He is such a charmer, a person of interest and a funny individual too – an icon as I’d say it.

He started his talk by introducing himself, his achievements and family – for sure, his pride and joy. He makes himself relatable by using the terms of this generation and no wonder, the millennials love him. He also looked like some Chinito celebrities like Jose Mari Chan, Richard Poon and Richard Yap which he jokingly started as an ice breaker. He surely knows how to grab the attention of his audience.

Let me also describe how he delivers his talk – ENGAGING. Something most speakers forget to dwell on nowadays. It has also nudged me into making my future classes more engaging and collaborative.

Once he has established the attention of his audience, he smoothly transitioned into the main menu of this event which is, How to be an Adult.

He started by citing an anecdote about high school reunions (yes, another attention grabbing scenario that everyone can relate) in which he’d set an eye-opener situation, in which your school’s former “cool dudes” before, can transform into a lame individual (after a few years) because of poor choices in their lives. How many times have we heard this story and we can never get tired of this?

“We are the products of the choices we make from day to day.”

Which leads me to my first take away:
Right Behavior, yields Right Outcome.  

He then smoothly transitioned (again) into questioning us with: “How can you build the right behavior in order to give you excellent results?” The answer is, DISCIPLINE.

In which, he explained that discipline means, “Delayed Gratification” and in our life, there are five areas that we need to be disciplined on:

  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Spiritual

While he was explaining about the Physical Discipline, he invited a surprise guest speaker that he “ambushed” into talking for us – Mr. TJ Manotoc – high caliber host, sports anchor and just like everyone, has started as a dreamer as well.

My best take away from him is the importance of Confidence. That one characteristic of every winners and champions that he have met, is confidence. That every individual will have that phase of his life wherein he can be lost and wouldn’t know what to do. Just like everyone of us. Truly an inspiration as well, to the younger generation.

During that time, the rain started pouring and the night is ticking already; thus, the dark photos that you can see below. Nevertheless, the rain will not hinder us from learning more from Sir Francis.

The highlight for me, for this whole event is when Sir Francis started to lay out where you, as an individual should get your worth as a person. And this is the best take away for me.

“Don’t get your worth from what you have. It’s calledACQUISITION.
Don’t get your worth from what you do.  It’s calledACCOMPLISHMENTS.
Don’t get your worth from what you look.  It’s calledAPPEARANCE.
Don’t get your worth from what other people say.  It’s calledAPPROVAL.

Where should you get your worth?

Get your worth from what you are becoming.”

And that summarizes the whole two-hour event that I have attended, despite my lack of sleep (because of my nature of work). And for me, this is how a productive weekend look like.

Thank you Sir Francis for those words of wisdom. You are truly an inspiration. 🙂

Thank you for dropping by and I hope you also had your own take aways from this blog post.

Remember, Get your worth from what you are becoming.