Tired? Is it Good or Bad?

There are two types of tiredness – the good and the bad – Good Tired and Bad Tired. What type of tiredness do you have?

I have read this notion in one of the books I’ve read last year by John Izzo, The Five Secrets you Must Discover Before you Die.

We always feel tired at the end of day. After school, work or just because you did something that exhausts your energy – maybe after exercising or doing your household chores. Our body’s energy will get drained and would want a good night sleep to replenish all those lost physical power. But what is the difference of the two types of tiredness? Is it just based on how tired you are at the end of day or was it something to do with how we felt about that “tiredness”?

Before explaining what the good tired is, which I am not sure if it’s your current feeling right now, “Bad Tiredness” is much more relatable because more often than not, we would wake up at the wrong side of the bed – being motivated requires practice and if you are, you wouldn’t probably need this article because you are 100% sure that you fall under the “Good Tired” category.

What is Bad Tiredness?

Bad tired is when you are demotivated. When you felt undervalued and you totally do not want what you are doing. You are dragging yourself into doing what you do. You felt sick and your morale was at the rock bottom and you don’t have the idea to lift yourself up. It’s like you are stuck. The tiredness is more apparently felt on the outside (physical) because the inside of you is drained. Your inner drive is what’s telling you, “Hey, you are tired” and not your physical body instead.

The Good Tiredness on the other is the best feeling you could ever feel. No matter how your physical body says that you are tired, you seem to be stubborn not to follow through with it. You continue to do your job anyway. Good Tired is when you are motivated inside no matter how hard the situation is. You keep on pushing yourself.

What category are you currently at, right now?

Does this mean, being in the “Bad Tired” category means it’s the end of the world for you? Well, the good news is, it will never be too late. You maybe finding yourself in the dark side category however, you always have the option to dream and look forward to what you really think that can make you happy – your mind is your greatest asset. If you only set it the right way, then you will soon get that “good tiredness” that you want. But what do you need?

Sacrifice (for the mean time)Sometimes, you are in the bad side because you don’t know what to ask the universe. You are giving mixed signals of what you want. Remember, you must have focus. Ask yourself, what do you really want to pursue?

And attract the good omens and right people to help you out. 

You may be stuck right now to where you are, but if you have that goal mindset along with hardwork, then one by one you will get what you have dreamed about. That bad tiredness for now, is your hard work.

Being in the “Good Tiredness” category is not easy to be into. It requires persistence, tenacity to get your goal and one of the most important thing that we tend to undermine is, courage. Courage to fight for what we really like despite all the setbacks that we have in life.

Courage doesn’t mean being fearless; it’s about knowing what fear is, and doing it anyway.

So the questions I leave for you before you end reading this post is:
– Are you “Good Tired” or “Bad Tired”?
– If you belong to the “Good” then, you are on the right track, if you are not, what are you planning to do in order to be on the “Good” side?
(You have to be honest in answering this question, set aside what other people say and listen to what your heart says)

Start claiming that good side and let the universe work for you. Focus on your plans and goals. Never get distracted (keep going) and one day, you’d be surprised to be getting what you have dreamed about.