The Sweetest Vengeance

We all get hurt. People will come and go, others wouldn’t like you, you’ll get a broken heart and endless reasons to feel down and discouraged. Every single day can be a challenge for you to be happy and feel good.

But have you ever thought of getting back to those people who wronged you?

There is one sweet vengeance that I can recommend – A happy smile in a better you.

If someone has hurt you. Kill yourself – kill your old self and replace it with someone better that you were. Start creating a new you.

They say , ” The most painful events in one’s life, makes the biggest change.”

Changing yourself into the best person that you can be will be the biggest revenge that you can ever have. People will try to steal your smile on your face but don’t let them win. Let them be beaten by their own guilt and just get up, do your thing and be happy.

Always remember, Misery loves company. If someone makes you feel miserable, it means they are miserable themselves and they just needed a companion to be like them as well. So spare them. Never go down to their level and be the “you” that you had always been. Just let karma do its job. What goes around comes around.