That Last Election

Three weeks after that, not so social media friendly election, we are back to our normal lives. Somehow, I have witnessed a few number of presidential elections in the past and this by far is the most controversial one – I think. I’m never a political analyst of some sort and I am a normal Filipino citizen but the blast of that election has been felt all over the social networking sites.

How many of us have had a heated conversation/s with our friends or family members because of our differences in what we believe is “right”? How many of us unfriend-ed some people  in our friend list because of too much posts, status and opinions related to politics and elections? How many friendship has been tested?

It has been a very long 3 months of campaign period and if there is one things I learned from that last election, it is Respect.

That each one of us wanted to be heard and not all people are mature enough to understand the simple fact that we are all different from each other. I realize that no matter how close you are to anybody (your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, sister, father etc), you can have two opposing beliefs that can test your relationship especially if one won’t be sensitive enough, towards other people’s feelings.

That you will never be able to impose anything to anybody. No matter how hard you try. You can convince them of your points, but you will never change their minds just like that.

It was then that I realize how different we really are and how unique one can think. Some bizarre, unjustifiable and some, have passionate love towards their candidates. It’s awesome to think that I get to experience that last election. It was the first time that I get to see myself so involved and even up until now when it’s all over and done, I see myself reading some write ups that I don’t usually read before (things that never really interest me, until now) – cabinet members, election proclamation, current events etc.

I’m not sure if it’s because we, the millennials are starting to be involved or was it our time to shine, because we were once the kids that has now grown up to finally fulfill the promise that “A nations’ hope is their children”.