Why Training?

My very first exposure to the the training world was in 2008 when I worked as an English tutor for Koreans. My first ever mock call was nerve wracking and the rest of my 20 wave mates was able to hear and listen to my scared and nervous voice. During that time, I wish I’d just disappear because of too much public embarrassment. Though my voice is one of my strength, I have no idea what was happening during that 10 minute mock call – I had a mental breakdown.

In that few weeks, we had mouth and jaw exercises, practiced vowels and fricatives, and that might be the time, I fell in love with training.

After a while, I quit my job and tried my luck as a nurse – which I failed that lead me back to the corporate world. When I entered the BPO industry, my then trainer Julie was so awesome! She’s so smart and has excellent communication, teaching, typing, navigation skills and to add up, she’s so pretty. That time, I told myself, I want to be like her. Her style of teaching fascinates me. She has the authority, command presence, very respectable but at the same, has that friendly and cool aura.

During that time, Gossip girl was also a hit series and I admit, I always mimic Kristen Bell’s way of saying the Gossip girl introduction and my hobby of watching American TV series has really affected the way I speak and that might have been the best accidental training I gave myself.

Finally, after leaving my first BPO company, I met my three trainers in my job now – Mitch, Odeng and Edz. That was the time, I concluded and told myself – by hook or by crook, I will become a trainer. That has been my goal since I worked in my company and was the reason why I promised myself – I’ll always do good.

“I want to be a trainer. That is final.”

I love meeting new people and training phase is the time when you’d concentrate more on the quality over quantity. It is the easiest part, yet, is the most essential because that is where they’d be baptized and when they’d be initiated. All our firsts would always be memorable.

Being their trainer is like being their birth mom. You have to imbibe them the right process flow and at the same time, instill the values that they’d be able to get and show them the right attitude too. Sometimes, you have to make them believe in themselves especially if they doubt themselves too. I don’t usually restrict my trainees to commit mistake because that how they will learn. Most of the time too, I’d restrict myself to do the task for them because if I let them depend on me, I know, I didn’t become an effective trainer for them – it means, I didn’t serve them well.

“The mission in a training session is  to teach the attendees to be able to do something with the ultimate goal that the attendees will be able to do that thing tomorrow and forever more correctly and without supervision.” – Carlton Casler

Being a trainer is both difficult and fulfilling. During the first few classes I had, letting them go was the hardest because you had been with them for a few months, taught them a lot of things and at the right time, you have to let them go and let them do their work and you have to let them spread their wings and fly. You’d endorse them to the real thing – their jobs.

When you’re a trainer, no matter how much I despise the idea, people will perceive you as perfect person – excellent communication skills, patient teacher, friendly, smart and a lot more over-the-top expectations that I doubt I have. I too, would tell my trainees that I am not perfect and I may commit mistakes too.

One of the hardest part of being a trainer is when you know you are being criticized from head to toe – from the time you open your mouth to the moment you said your last hello to them as your trainees. It took me time to get used to people staring and judging me. I think it’s part of the job description.

But, why do I love it?

Because it’s an avenue for me to spread positivity and I’d be able to teach other people some skills my former trainers taught me. It’s like honing people to be a better version of themselves. My trainees’ “thank you” every after shift is like music to my ears and their smiles would always melt my heart.  I know, that after their time with me, they’d learn something that can not be stolen from them; that I was able to impart a part of me to a group of strangers that I know soon, will become my friends.

My training room is my theater and my training time is my performance that I offer to my trainees. They’d thought that I am the star in every training session. Where in fact, it was them. They are the reason why I have a job and the reason why I enjoy it every time. That no matter where you are from, I know, I’ll learn something from them, I’d be able to teach and inspire them and in return, they’d also inspire me too with their stories and their true personality.

Our memories as part of my team (even for a short time), I know will somehow make a mark in their hearts just like how my training days created an impact in my life.

Being part of the training team keeps me on my toes. I am not allowed to slack off because I have an audience that will judge me, thus puts pressure on me. And I know, I’d be able to work better under pressure, for some reason, all the potential energy in me would be transformed to a kinetic and working energy.

Though it was a tough job to beat, it was something I’d always be proud of. I hope to have more audience and spread more good vibes in the future. I’d always thank God for the opportunity He has given me to change lives and perspectives of people. 🙂

My Only Wish When That Time Comes

Sipping an iced coffee while having my breakfast one morning in McDonalds, one Saturday morning, after my shift, I saw this mother and daughter tandem.
She was probably around her mid forties and the older “she” was probably around 70.
Made me think of how the future “we” can look like. “We” – me and my parents.
My mom was 32 when she had me and my dad was 28. They were a bit over-age when they started a family. When I’d reach 45, my mom will be 77 and my dad will be 73.
Only the thought of it breaks my heart.
They are the very reason why I strive hard to do all that I do right now. They are the epitome of perfect parents for me. Sure we’ve had differences and some misunderstandings (honestly, a lot of it); nevertheless, as I get older too, I’m starting to realize the why’s behind all those. I even loved them even more.
When “that” time comes, I only have one prayer every time – That I’d be prepared for it; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and most importantly, financially. I wish when that time comes, when they’d be physically weak, I’d be all so prepared to fight for them.

I wish I can give them all the things that they need just like what they have done for us. I want to be by their side and keep praying for them.

You might think I am a cynic person because of how I think and why I think that way.
But, those circumstances are part of our reality that no matter how hard we’ll try to escape from, we can never get away from it.
You personally mature and grow but your parents will get older, too – sometimes, we’d forget about this fact. Their body will start to improperly function and they will need you more than you ever needed them.
They will scold you incessantly thinking you might have forgotten about them because of your busy booming career and life. Their memory might even deteriorate and there are a lot more unbearable scenarios that may happen in the future.
But every time I pray, I never forget to remind God about that simple wish of mine.
I just prayed that I will be equipped with necessary weapon I needed and I’d be well prepared to face this life challenge.

God I know will ALWAYS provide.

iamtwixietops ツ

What Military Training Taught Me

If you have clicked this link, you might either had a military training before or you are someone who knows me personally and was surprised by the title.

I am a little girl. Might be mistaken for a 15-year-old when make-up free.

But yes, I had a military training 11 years ago.

I was Lieutenant Corps G4 RICABLANCA TRIXIE PIMENTEL, 1st Class

I was the one who manages the logistics part of the whole 2004 batch in my high school.

This reminiscing was the result of watching a military themed movie from Singapore, entitled “Ah. Men to Boys” which was recommended by one of my high school batch mate, Carla, through Twitter.

That training must have been the toughest road I’d ever been to. It’s physically exhausting because of the everyday military exercises, punishments every simple mistake and at the same time, I have to keep up with my studies.

But part of that rigorous training were the values I’ve learned from it. These has always been part of my system ever since.

1. Discipline in whatever I am involved to.
Though it was a tough road to go through, I was so determined to finish it. Back then, our class starts at 7am but we have to be in school as early as 6am to attend the training. So, I have to wake up at 3am to prepare my food and my uniform.

Looking back, I never thought how I did it.

2. My Buddy is my Body
During our deliberation day, we were all assigned with one buddy and we have to look for each other. And aside from that, my buddies (those who were also part of that training with me) has been my friends, though we may not see each other that often now, that bond that we had back then was unbeatable. I’ve learned the value of respect because of them. We were all different from each other yet we have to work as one.

They were the first group of people who saw me cry. We argued with a lot of stuff but we manage to  work as as a team. I’ve learned the value of group work and group effort too. The importance of a good working relationship and how it can affect the intensity of your work. No matter how hard the situation is, if you are with positive and good people, the hardship you’d go through wouldn’t matter that much.

3. Follow first before you complain
In every situation I get into, I make sure I do what I can do first and when all else fails, I’m always proud that I never regret anything.

When you’re in a military training, you will be asked to do a lot of ridiculous things that you thought you can’t. I remember submerging myself in a filthy river because we have to “hide” from the enemies. Makes me feel gross every time I’d remember it. There was one part during our summer camp wherein we ate mixed noodles, rice and corned beef.

4. Three BEST poem I’d ever known by heart: Desiderata, Invictus and Don’t Quit
After my schooling, those poem even made more sense to me.

5. Command Presence
This is when I’ve learned how to stand up with power. Though I don’t do it consciously now, I know I still carry it with me.

6. The Value of Time
3am to 6am: Prepare for School
6am to 7am : Training
7am to 4pm: School
4pm to 5pm (sometimes till 6pm): Training again
6pm to 9pm: Assignments/ School Stuff
9pm to 3am: Sleep

That was my typical schedule back then when I was in third and fourth year high school. I’d realized since then that you’d get worth while results if you know how to manage your time well.

But what makes it more puzzling was my academic grades during that time. Even though I was that busy, that was the only year (3rd year) when I became a consistent honor student. I’d usually miss a quarter or two and wouldn’t be part of the that elite roster. As early as then, pressure has always made me work better and brighter.

Before, when the training was just starting, my motivation to finish it was just –  to become a kick ass officer of our batch. Never have I thought that it will change something in me that I am carrying up until now – 11 years after.

The value of your good and right choices. 🙂

A Married Man

Wedding ring on white veil
I now declare myself as a married man.
I’ve decided to marry my life – my life purpose.
I am now committing myself to a lifetime that sticks to my vows and promises, to follow what and where my heart will lead me.
I will courageously fight for it and take good care of this life that I married.
I will be faithful to him forever through thick and thin.
My life from now on will be my priority and also the people inside it.
In the future, if I happen to find a “husband” he will remain the mistress of my life.
If someone would want to be inside this life of mine, they have to work hard for it.
I will find my happily ever after with my life purpose.

The Morning Rush

Morning Coffee
It was 9:00 am and it’s the usual time when my mind is overflowing with ideas which I’d usually write in my cute little notebook. But the difference of this day from my previous days is my destination. I’d usually write blog posts after my shift, before I go home. But now, I am about to go to work.

It has been a while since I had this shift schedule (morning) and I admit, I’m not used to this. I feel so fresh and I can’t remember the last time I felt like this during the morning. One contributing factor maybe is the cold weather that we are experiencing nowadays; since the start of January and thank God, it’s not yet summer. (I hate summer: Philippine version. It’s too hot for me to handle)

Somehow, I felt so unusual, because this time, I am not a vampire; the one who’d sleep during the day and who would work at night.

The morning breeze is so comforting that I didn’t anticipate it. However the morning rush is still present everywhere I look. The usual 15 minute commute from a certain place suddenly became 45 minutes. I just realized, people who works during the day, who spend at least an hour commute is wasting too much of their precious time. The streets were full of people, cars, jeeps, motorcycles, taxi, private cars, etc. etc.

It feels like everyone is in a rush.

One good thing that I had been thankful for, is the MRT/LRT ride. I am not one of the unlucky commuters who had to take it every morning and has to feel that pain in the ass ride, EVERY SINGLE DAY. My first hand experience of it was really traumatic. I wish I would never ride the MRT/LRT ever again especially during rush hour.

Another thing I notice in the morning, is the people’s outfit. Most were wearing business attire and they wore formal clothes compared with the people at night. Though I am also wearing something business-like, I felt so out-of-place because I rarely wear such clothes. My usual office attire is just a big jacket, leggings and cute pair of flat shoes.

After my shift ends, my usual 1 hour commute at night would become 2 hours. It was gruesome. I was so tired. Being in this shift really sucks.

I must admit that it’s draining my energy. But what makes me wonder is my energy to go to work everyday. Though it was really tiring, somehow, I am so excited and though my time for myself drastically decreased because of added responsibility in the office, I’m surprisingly happy and I feel so productive.

I can’t help but remember the quote I once read in the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin,
“The days are long but the years are short”.
I’ve been praying to understand that statement before, but now, it’s all making sense.

Yes, my days in the morning shift seemed to be so long and seemed to be always rushed and tiring. But somehow, I feel more proud of myself. #bethebestversionofyourself  #personalgoal