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Hitting a Plateau?

Who among you felt like plateauing in life? What is a Plateau? It’s when you thought you have nothing more to offer. When you thought that you’ve got all that you want and you cease to grow because you were at “that” stage when you have gotten what you’ve dreamed of. This is one of… Read More Hitting a Plateau?


Tired? Is it Good or Bad?

There are two types of tiredness – the good and the bad – Good Tired and Bad Tired. What type of tiredness do you have? I have read this notion in one of the books I’ve read last year by John Izzo, The Five Secrets you Must Discover Before you Die. We always feel tired… Read More Tired? Is it Good or Bad?

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#HowToAdult Caravan By Francis Kong @ Ampitheater, UP Town Center

First of all, this talk wouldn’t be made possible without the sponsors: Metrobank, Sun Life and Avida (with special participation of The Philippine Star and UP Town Center). We should be very thankful for your kindness by giving us the chance to listen and meet THE Francis Kong. It has been a long time since… Read More #HowToAdult Caravan By Francis Kong @ Ampitheater, UP Town Center

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Be Prepared for the Shit Sandwich

I’ve Waited Long for This That was the article I wrote after getting what I dreamed of, 5 years ago – to become a trainer. It wasn’t an easy road to get through. Roadblocks, setbacks, hurdles, struggles and I must admit, I wasn’t prepared for the shit sandwich. But first of all, what is a… Read More Be Prepared for the Shit Sandwich

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An Open Letter to Critics

Go. Criticize me all you want. Throw stones at me all you like. I’d rather be wrong and find out I am, rather than believing that I am living a lie – a world of make-believe, where everything seems to be perfect. Go and find fault in me because that is the only way I… Read More An Open Letter to Critics