Be a Teamplayer

Team player.

We would usually see it in job descriptions as a requirement to qualify to a certain position in a company. I’ve heard about this since I started looking for work and this word constantly appear to any job search I tried. I looked it up in google, and here is what I saw. team playerBut, why is it such big of a deal?
Teamwork is essential to make work less stressful; if you belong to a wonderful team of people, work would suddenly feel as if you’re not working. Somehow, you learn to love what you do because you feel safe around these people and once you belong to an awesome team, you’ll never drag yourself to work. That is why building a good team will always be a necessity at any workplace. On the other hand, how can one be a good team player? What can you do to contribute to the greatness of a team?

Team of ants work with mushroom, teamwork

1. Know that Not Everyone can be a Leader – AT THE SAME TIME

Everyone can become a leader and be the driver of the boat. On the other hand, nothing will be finished if everyone is the brain and nobody is doing the dirty work. A human being isn’t composed of all brains, you have your hands, your feet, your heart and your systems to do the work. If everyone is talking and no one is listening, nothing will be done.

Take turns. One person at a time. If you have any idea in mind, let others finish what they have to say and when it’s your turn to shine, own it. Sometimes, a leader may not be an initiator or creator of ideas, sometimes, a leader has to know how to facilitate people and organize ideas to come up with one awesome plan. 

2. Perform Your Role With All Your Might

According to this book, How to Say it For First Time Managers by Jack Griffin, there are four essential part of a team.

  • The Creators
  • The Refiners
  • The Advancers
  • The Executors

And everyone can be of different role in every circumstance and every type of member is as important as the others. It’s not always the Creator or the Initiator that is important and the critics are not always the assholes. The combination of the fours makes a team awesome. They only need to work harmoniously so they’d come up with a great idea.

The leader should be the one to put them together in a way that they would stick to each other. You don’t use a paper glue to stick on two woods together – you might need a nail and a hammer to keep them in place.

Always remember a team comprises of a leader and people. Without people, leader would be as useless as none.

3. Respect Each Other’s Opinions, Differences and Weaknesses

As an individual, we are entitled to have our own opinions and values and as part of a group, we have to respect each other’s personality to keep the harmony. Be assertive but at the same time, be open-minded and be sensitive to others. You don’t know where they are coming from.

There may be differences in the group’s personality, learn to adjust to one another. As what in desiderata says, “Be in good terms with all persons.” Know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone is perfect but always dwell on the positive side rather than the negative. Accept each other’s flaws and short comings.

4. Believe in Yourself

Support each other. Learn to trust each other so everyone will believe in what they can do themselves. Lift each other up when one is feeling down. Remember the down fall of one is the downfall of all.

5. If Friction Arise, Learn Not to Take Sides

Don’t be too personal. The issue is not the person but what has transpired in that situation. Most team fall apart because of the mini groups formed within. If there is a rife within the group member, try to know what has caused this and resolve the problem from within. Talk to each other and dig on what seem to be problem. Smallest issue must be taken cared of because it will eventually bottle up and can cause more damage.

DO NOT ADD WOOD TO THE FIRE  by uttering comments that can worsen the rife. In every problem, one resolution can always solve it – COMMUNICATION. Communicate what you want and learn to compromise as well.

Being a part of a team, even though you thought you are the smallest and you thought you are the most irrelevant part of it, consider yourself as a peso or a cent. A MILLION will never be called a MILLION without you in it. Every team player is as important as a leader is.