Tired? Is it Good or Bad?

There are two types of tiredness – the good and the bad – Good Tired and Bad Tired. What type of tiredness do you have? I have read this notion in one of the books I’ve read last year by John Izzo, The Five Secrets you Must Discover Before you Die. We always feel tired… Read More Tired? Is it Good or Bad?

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Be Prepared for the Shit Sandwich

I’ve Waited Long for This That was the article I wrote after getting what I dreamed of, 5 years ago – to become a trainer. It wasn’t an easy road to get through. Roadblocks, setbacks, hurdles, struggles and I must admit, I wasn’t prepared for the shit sandwich. But first of all, what is a… Read More Be Prepared for the Shit Sandwich

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I’ve Waited Long For This

Have you ever prayed for something before and it started to materialize one by one? That it was just a thought 4 years ago and has now become a reality? “Be careful what you wish for ‘coz you might just get it” Yes, you have to be careful with what you wish for because we’d… Read More I’ve Waited Long For This

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Be the Problem Solver: One Problem At A Time

Our world has never been perfect. We always see ourselves in the middle of a battle – whether it be with ourselves or with other people. Unfortunately, this world never ran out of problems – at home, at work, with friends, with loved ones, with acquaintances and with every person we’d meet along the way.… Read More Be the Problem Solver: One Problem At A Time

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On Mediocrity

Mediocrity was a word that doesn’t seem to affect me before. It was the status quo that I thought I should live about. I thought it was the safety net that would keep you on your game. But somehow, when you finish a project with a mediocre effort, it doesn’t seem to satisfy my high… Read More On Mediocrity