Another Maybe – Not

Weird it is for people to come inside my life and go instantly – JUST LIKE THAT. Ages ago, goodbyes hurt so much, thinking it was solely my fault (Well, it still does but not as much as before). At some point, I’d still ask myself, was it really me who is at fault? Or is it just not meant to last? That, their role in my life is over and I just need to move on?

This ain’t only about love but so as friendship. They say, nothing is forever but why does it come to you like a lifetime of agony and a repeated cycle, to be endured over and over again? Do I really have to get used to it and just move on, one heartbreak after another?

I think the answer is yes, but why does it seem to be so constant, that every person I meet, is expected to go and just leave me behind? Was it because I’ve empowered them to become better and use their folded wings behind them? Do I really intimidate them that much? Or was I too strong and opinionated to be handled? Am I being too authentic, early on?

I’m ain’t a victim here because it’s not like I don’t know how to adapt to changes, because I do. However, because of too much adaptability, sometimes, when I think they are drifting away, it seems to be expected and made me look like, I expect crap from people, which I know, shouldn’t be; for I always believe, there is someone out there that will last and will stay.

I just stare somewhere and think about them, those that had been my “maybe’s” that never became that somebody, hoping that someday, I can ask them this question, “What happened?”.

This is my ephemeral outburst 02/17/2016