Be Yourself

Be Yourself

“Be Yourself”

How many times have we heard that phrase? How many articles have we read reminding us to just be ourselves? Just like in my previous article, Why We Liked the Movie Frozen and the Song “Let It Go”, we have emphasized the importance of accepting our true self.

But the question is, how would you know if you are really becoming yourself?

As I assess myself with that question, I also came up with a series of questions that I wish to reflect on.(You can ask the same question to yourself)

How do you act when you are with the people who you are most comfortable with?Do you smile a lot when you are with them? Do you laugh a lot?
Do you instill kindness to them even if they can’t return the favor back?
When are you most comfortable? At home? Alone? With your family? friends?
During those times, how do you feel?  and can you reminisce  on what exactly do you feel like?

In most times when I remember how I am with my family (the people I am most comfortable with) I feel free. I know that no matter how I look like, they will still love me.

I am at peace.
I don’t feel inferior.
I don’t feel awkward.
I don’t feel intimidated.
I feel comfortable.
I smile a lot.
Whatever I have wouldn’t matter because I am just being myself.

When you are being yourself, other people’s opinion wouldn’t matter as well because you don’t need to pattern “yourself” base from what they want.

You are who you are because it is what is in your heart.
You were doing things not because you were told to but because that is exactly what you want to do.
You’d go to places not because you were summoned to go there but because that is exactly the same spot that you want to be.

Why should I let him decide how I’m going to act? – How to Take Charge, Reader’s Digest, 1981 Edition

You’d do act of kindness not because other people are observing you but because you genuinely want to help and be a good person.
You’d still be polite even without expecting a polite response because that is who you are.

When you are acting instead of reacting, then, you are becoming yourself.

How do you act towards someone who wouldn’t smile back to you? Do you keep on smiling anyway?
Do you try to out-stand someone who is an airhead? Do you reply with arrogance if that is the case?
Do you act a certain way because you are the boss?

Well, if you act base on your status, base on the amount of money that you have, base from your position or whatever it is that you have above others, then, you are not becoming yourself because you base your actions from anything aside from what is in your heart – money, power, position, other people’s reaction towards you, etc.

Becoming yourself means having that humility and the courage to let people see through you. Anything less or more could mean, you are becoming someone else.

fear, intimidation, inferior        YOURSELF       over-confidence, arrogance
Self – Esteem
You have the courage of humble confidence

So, how do you become your true self?

When you continue to do good deeds without expecting anything in return.

When you are acting instead of reacting. Most of the time, you do things as a reaction to other people’s words and actions instead of you, doing the things that your heart really desires.

When you start to say “NO” and value what you want and what you don’t want.

Never be intimidated. Look others directly in the eye, be sincere, speak from your heart and by then, not only can you find your true self but also, peace of mind.

You can shine bright like a diamond.

Be yourself. You are not born to be mediocre. You are born to stand out. Embrace it.