Happiness is a CHOICE and not Just an Option

Hi Guys! ūüôā
Just wanted to share some of random posts from 2009. I got this from the blog I deleted before. Hope you can appreciate it. ~!~
1.the quality or state of being happy.
2.good fortune; pleasure;

contentment; joy.

Doesn’t mean I have everything in life. I do share a lot of qualms about certain topics in ¬†life like love, career, family, friends etc.etc but that doesn’t spare me of being happy.
I had a hard time understanding that quote before, but after series of unfortunate events, stupid cold wars and selfish¬†bitchiness, I realized that you will be happy as long as you don’t allow loneliness to come your way. I had never been contented this way. I know, I still don’t have a stable job and still considered a “broke” actually, but I felt like God is building my life so well.My past made me a better person. Made me realize that happiness is just in the corner waiting for me to appreciate.
Many things makes me happy these days. One of which is being who I wanted to be without anyone dictating me of what I should do or become. I know, I still have some confusions in choosing which career I’d love to do in the next years of my life, but, the process of choosing it makes me smile. That in my own way, I am able to try a lot of things, be with new people, know more and most of all, trying to discover myself and what I really wanted. Though, I have been ambivalent, apprehension hinders my way, it’s a happy complicated journey of life. Hoping someday, I’ll end up with the right decision. The choice I know that could make me happy and most of all contented.

I don’t wish to be rich, famous and have all the things in this world, I just wanted to be the best person that I can be. A simple person with a simple dream-happiness and contentment.

Someday, I wish I could share what God has given me and make other people happy too.
My name is Trixie which originated from the name Beatrice which means, joy bringer or “she brings joy” and I want to live my life with it. I want to share my smile to everyone. To let them know there are a lot of things to be happy about. Nobody has ever really been contented with their lives no matter how rich, beautiful, intelligent they are. There is still something missing. We find it missing because we tend to look for things we don’t have rather than accepting things we have and try to utilize it well. We tend to always look on the negative side of the story without knowing that in every storm, there is a rainbow thereafter. We tend not to appreciate things we have and long ¬†for something more.
It’s not bad to look forward and ask for more as long as we never over look what we have and still appreciate things that we have rather than resenting it.
Aside from appreciating the life God has given me, I’m more than happy to portray a number of roles. Roles that I am striving to be good at. I am a daughter, sister, friend, nurse, etc. and what makes me smile, is that, I am doing all my jobs well.
Somehow, I can sense the responsibility running through my veins, that I am becoming a mature person. A person who can accept responsibility and accountability as well.
I know, this happiness I am feeling this moment won’t last long, but as long as happiness is what I always seek, I know, I will always be one and will always find a reason to be one no matter how screwed my life would become.
iamtwixietops „ÉĄ

My Passionate Life

For the past two years, I have been searching for the things that I can do without being paid for.

I tried to become a Korean English teacher, full pledge nurse, a real estate salesperson, become a musician (ok, the last is a JOKE! but seriously, I tried to play the piano and guitar so, I hope it counts.. haha! **GRIN**)

But, nevertheless, I almost tried anything that really interests me. Until I stumble upon blogging and writing. At first, I never thought I can really enjoy writing and reading because when I was a child, I seldom write and never read books for leisure so, this really came to me by surprise. It’s like, “Damn, I should’ve known this ¬†much earlier, maybe now, I must have written my book. (LOL! just exaggerating!)

But now, I consider this blog as the thing that keeps me alive. Reading books, writing reviews, taking pictures, writing my editorials are just few of the activities that I love and there is a blissful feeling after I have accomplished one article. I will trade sleeping over writing and reading a book that I am really into.

I am no way a¬†brilliant¬†writer. I dont know a lot of adjective that can describe a certain feeling, I¬†don’t¬†know much¬†highfalutin words to impress my readers or sometimes, I know my grammar sucks! (please bare with me ūüôĀ ) however, I love the feeling when I am writing and and knowing that my readers can get something from it. If I haven’t entertain them, at at least, they¬†learned¬†something.

I love researching new things and new discoveries as well. It’s like every time I encounter a thing worth blogging, I can’t wait home, research about it and blog about it.

I never knew this before, for if I have known it, I would’ve taken AB English or anything about Literature or about computers, but, I never really saw this coming. Seriously!

However, my passion doesn’t end there.

This is my top secret! I haven’t told anyone about this but, I think, now, I must admit and it may sound crazy to some of you but, I have to say this, I love getting LOST! (literally!) I love going to a new place, get lost and get back on track! It’s like one of my “Eureka” moments when I found a new way home. haha! As long as I have cash, food, camera. I’m on it!

I enjoy seeing new places for the first time and make sure I capture it. It’s priceless. I enjoy roaming around an area I’m not familiar with. Look for good business establishments, restaurants and other landmarks. (Weird right? I know! :p)

Another thing I love is trying on different things like foods. If I can just try each menu in a¬†restaurant without being bloated and becoming fat, I could’ve done that!

I love new discoveries and documenting it makes me enjoy it more. It lets me revive the feeling I had during those times. If I could be given a chance to soar and conquer the world, I will document everything about it here. All my adventures, misfortunes, etc.etc. And this is probably one reason why I love my job. It allows me to do what I love without having any conflict with it.

Maybe, I’m just lucky to know what I love or maybe, I also put much effort and worked hard to really find my passion.

This must have been the quote that inspired me to look harder and the real essence why I should know it, my hook or by crook. It’s from the book, Dear John by Nicholas Sparks,

“Happiness without Passion is temporary because there is nothing that can make it last”.

One Way Street

Here I am in this end,
I think I am lost once again.
This ain’t something new,
I’ve been in this road, I know, I knew.
Why am I always heading,
To a road this dreading.
Once again, I gave in,
Here I am dyin’
When will I learn enough!
When will I stop believing this bluff!
All I wanted is just to be loved,
Something, I just can’t get enough.
Did I expect much?
Maybe, I’m just not enough.
“I am a friend.”
This broken heart can not be mend.
Goodbye maybe the hardest word,
But I’m choosing it ‘coz everything ¬†seems blurred.
I don’t want to hold on.
Because I am facing this alone.
I hope I’d never face this road again.
And have learned my lessons by then,
I keep on praying that I’d find the right path.
And just be happy at last.

Not Today

 by Trina Rose P. Ricablanca

September 2, 2010

My day is over

I already closed the door
Turned the TV and lights off
I’m ready to hug my pillow and doze off
The rain keeps pouring 
And I just keep on turning
There’s something that bothers me
More than the single sound of the pouring rain
More than the temperature that shivers my skin
It is him who I keep on dreaming
Remembering his face so close, I feel like melting.
Remember how he pulls me away from my world
And gets me so weak into my knees as he touches me and hold
I never got to see but I got to feel,
His fingers slowly filling the empty spaces between mine
Though I wanted to hold on longer
But it should not be like that forever
My mind is holding back my heart
Telling me I’m not ready to give him my part.
How I cry those things are on the right time
How I cry he’s the right guy.
Signs were not evident
His true feelings were not apparent.
But the feeling every time he’s acting like mine,
My soul and body were electrified.
The feeling overwhelms me 
Though he’s not a certainty of a happily-ever-after story.
But how great it will be, when my Romeo comes along,
Love me like the prince whom I belong.
iamtwixietops „ÉĄ

Seeking Passion

If my 2011 is about self discovery, I am hoping for a passionate 2012. I know it has been three months since the year started but I know, it has never been too late to start planning something. Honestly, I had been a bit frustrated since all my plans for this year didn’t work out. I had plan A, B and C that I wish I can pursue but unfortunately, NOTHING worked out and after three months, nothing new is happening in my life and I am so scared to get out of my newly built comfort zone. I am still scared now. But, don’t get me wrong. I don’t intend to do some drastic change with my lifestyle or anything that can surprise anyone from my circle. Self conditioning maybe the right term for this.

What do I intend to condition in myself?

1. On how I perceive failure.
Failure is one of the things that scare everyone of us to do something different. We are scared that we might fail and we might not get the positive result that we wish for. However, we must learn that once we fail, there is an additional experience that we can share the world. It helps us grow into a better person. Some say, the more failure you experienced, the more chances for you to succeed.

2. On how I perceive Fear.
Fear is the single most element that keeps anyone from succeeding. Because of it, we tend to make a number of excuses not to make a single step. This is one thing that we should get rid off and we should know the signs that we are already scared rather than feed our excuses and do nothing.

3. Never get tired of planning and creating your goal.
Be goal oriented. A day with a goal is very important to get things done. Whether it be a simple goal about your work, about your personal life or any aspect as long as something worth while is done everyday.

4. Read, Explore and Research more.
Some people say, we are all the same except with one thing. The books or articles that we read and eventually influence us in any way. They also say, in five years, we will become the person that we admire a lot today. With that, we should look for a role model or people that we can look forward to. Get up and never be lazy to discover new things in life. Read more and never be complacent with your life even if you have the best life in the world. As per Steve Jobs, stay foolish and stay hungry. From then, it can trigger your start button for new discoveries.

5. Look back and evaluate.
Do some contemplation on how your life did for the past day, week, months or years which ever is comfortable for you. It can help you track how far did you go and what are the things you haven’t done and can help you plan for your next goal.

However, never forget that no one gets successful over night. It needs hard work and too much guts and courage to face them. Let’s face them together and in the next years and months, we can say that we had been different from who we used to be. Let’s do it with one single step at a time. No need to rush. Everyday is a new day and be ready for a new adventure each and every single day.

PS: I had this drive to write something about passion because of this inspirational blog that I just subscribed. The Wake up Cloud is my inspiration and I am planning to read everything single post of Henri Juntilla. I encourage you read his blog as well to get more tips on how to live a passionate life. Reading his blog is time well spent! ~!~