Why I Write

30 or 40 years from now, I’d be nearing 70 years old and maybe too weak to ever grab a pen, too old to see my hand writing or maybe wouldn’t be able to comprehend what I have written.

True enough, for now, I write for myself – to get rid of my never-ending ideas in mind, baggage counter to my endless rants and opinions that I don’t get to say out loud sometimes. But for now, I write because I am at the peak of my health, my power and my life. I still have the capacity to do all these lovely things the world can offer and still have a sound mind to work on my dreams.

Writing is my way of flash backs, the way for me to rewind my life and it’s how I reflect and deflect on the past – both good and bad. It made me revisit my old self – to evaluate how it has been for the last few years and to see how I’d improve.

It’s my way of getting to know myself. But at the same time, it’s an extension of myself too. Especially those who doesn’t know me and judge me. I am always a victim of first impression – well, I think everyone is.

I want to write, for you to know me – how I think and at the very least, spread my beliefs and so with how I think. I write because when the time comes that I’d be weak or may be done with my mission here, people will still learn from some wisdom I get to acquire during my prime age. I write because writing ceases the moment into a memory where I can go back to anytime. I write how blessed I am just so I won’t forget it when I feel sad or if problems infest me and my idealism.

Writing is a way for me release myself to the world when all they do is trying to impress people they don’t like. I write because I am an old soul in this new generation.

Writing is my way of saving this day, which will eventually become my past so, I am prepared for an unknown future.

Writer’s Block? Read

woman writing and crumbling papers Stock Photo - 13645760Up until now,I still don’t consider myself a writer. Though I loved writing, its not (yet) the best title I can give myself.
A girl who loves to write could be one though. Or blogger maybe. However, I just thought this article will help writers out there or people like me who loves to write  but sometimes, can’t get any topic to come out from them. During this time, most of the time, I get my ass off  and go somewhere else like going to the mall or just simply roam around alone. May it be in a library, go out and jog, go to my favorite book store, anywhere but inside our house.
However, sometimes, it still can’t help and can even make the situation worse.
So, I just grab a cup(s) of coffee in my favorite coffee shop or fast food chain and read a newspaper, magazine or I just bring my own book or buy a book.
In an instant or after 5 minutes or so, you will have that brilliant idea that you have longed for.
May not be the same idea that you initially wanted but just enough to fuel your brain up to start working as it is.
Sometimes, I write anything under the sun. Whatever I think about and just save it for sometime. It may not be the same subject that I wanted for that day but somehow, I can use them later on. I have had two big doodle notebooks that have served me well enough. Yes, I am old fashion who still writes using a pen and paper instead of typing and bringing my laptop somewhere.
Going out and breathing some fresh air is necessary for you to clear your mind so new ideas can come in. Enjoy writing! :))