Why Blog?

I started blogging last 2009 and this blog is merely a ranting blog for me. Its like a real “Baggage Counter” which just tells everything about negative vibes I had for a certain part of my life. It was like my online diary that I never publish in any of my social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It was something I was not proud of. Until then, I realized, why am I not writing about my happy thoughts and was dwelling much about negative stuff in my life which always gave me a heavy feelings every time I read it. By then, I started blogging when I am happy and record all the happy thoughts that is running in my head. It was not easy at first because, I am not born writer and I am not a good one. However,  Just this year, I started taking more pictures, capturing those memories with people I love and posting those here.  It’s like, opening my life everyone and letting them know I exist. Most of the people who knows me personally would always think I am passive and I know, I don’t usually speak much in a crowd. I don’t speak up and open my self up. This is the reason why I blog. To let them know I exist and I also have my own voice that I wanted to heard. This is also the place I put my random thoughts into words.
Unlike before, I write based on my emotions. Now, I write because of what I think I should write. Never underestimate blogging because it can reach people that you never thought you would know and you would influence. I know, I still haven’t found my niche in this blog because of a number things that I am interested in and I’m still not sure which area should I concentrate however, I know, soon, I’ll know about it and all will just flow and follow.
Why blog?
1. This is your Voice.
Because of this, you could be heard. You can inspire, you can motivate and most of all, you can influence people.
2. It allows you to showcase your areas of expertise.
Wether it be about finance, fashion, consultation, your business or whatsoever, it gives you the edge and allows you to show everyone what you are good at.
3. Doesn’t only showcase your expertise but also your passion.
It’s two different things. Passion is something you will do even without being paid for.
4. It serves as your online diary
Allows you to monitor your growth and gave you the idea where you had been and the thoughts you have had in the past thus, makes you evaluate how your year turned to and what are the areas that you should improve.
5. Also gives you access to what others think about
You might have your own opinion about certain topics but because of the reader’s comments and insights, it gives you some thoughts and new ideas as well. And since you are also following other people’s blog too, it can give you some “light bulb” moments and thus, allows you to create another interesting topic. It could also be a door to a new world and let you explore on other areas you never thought would tap your interest.
**Some people blog to earn money however, I haven’t so, I can’t add this up to my list.**

To sum it up, BLOGGING is not about BRAGGING, its about speaking up and extending yourself to your readers. For me, it is about inspiring, motivating and encouraging everyone to do things they are passionate about. Blogging is where you could see freedom is. Freedom to speak up, freedom to tell your own story, freedom to explore new things, freedom to know new people and freedom to know yourself more.

iamtwixietops ツ