Oh Well’s vs. What If’s

oh wells vs what ifsFailure is what separates the two from each other. Fear of failure. That’s why we stay with something that is comfortable. Comfort and Satisfaction is what we always seek in love, business, health and other aspect of life.

It’s not easy to dwell on failure. Everyone struggles to stand up after failing. Even if you have failed a number of times, it still has the same effect on you. No matter how “immune” you thought you could be. It still hurts the same.

We should always get pass that. Even if we fear losing, we must still take the smallest step. It wouldn’t be easy but it’ll be worth it.

Trying something out of our context is not easy but if curiosity is enough and you want it bad enough, then,  go for it. There is no harm in trying.

Sure we’d get frustrated and be hurt in the end if things didn’t turn out well. But, in the end, every time I fail,I just always remember this.

“If you started to get hurt gain, it means you just went back to learn something new.”

I have read that phrase a long time ago and somehow, it can make me at ease every time I am faced in a life trial.

You are a winner not because you won but because you have conquered the fear that you have in your heart. You tried and gave your best.

They always say that “living a life full of Oh Well’s are better than a life full of What if’s”

Don’t Settle for Anything Less

Everyone deserves to be happy.
“Everyone” means everyone, no exceptions!

Happy in a way that we are not blinded by right and wrong.
Happy in a way that everyone deserves.

But sad to say, some get content with what is “good” and do not long to have the “best” because some thought “best” doesn’t exist.

Take note, I didn’t say “Perfect” or “Flawless” but rather, “Best”.

At work, we tend to be comfortable with what we do without longing for the “best” because of complacency.

In love, some become content with being just the “other man or woman” because they thought no one is there to love them as much as that person does.

But, come to think of it, If great people just settled for what is mediocre, do you think we can ever use the words “great” or “splendid”?

If going to the moon was just a dream before and no one believed that a man can do it and they just settled for this belief, do you think, we can know who Neil Armstrong is?

If people just settles, do you think we have computers now? Do you think we ever learned to write? What do you think we look like now?

God created us in His own likeness. It means you are godlike. A Goddess on your own. You are a unique individual. You might have flaws but those imperfections are the reason why you are “real”.

You are a unique real individual made in the likeness of God so, why do you think should you settle for anything less and never long for the BEST? Come to think of it. 🙂

Why Shouldn’t We Expect (For More)

People tend to count the things we’ve done good to someone. We create an invisible list in our heads and expecting they would repay us with something good as well.

We tend to think that if we give this much, we should also get as much or more than what we originally gave. Be it material things, love, good deeds or anything. Expecting anything in return may just defeat its purpose.

When we give, no matter how small it is, should come from the heart. If we give and expect something in return, then, it’s not giving. It’s more about investing. It’s like asking them to give us what we have given them. Might as well get ourselves a gift instead of giving. That is how expecting can defeat the meaning of “giving”.

Nevertheless giving too much to the point of abuse is also not recommended. It decreases one’s self-respect and self-worth.

Aside from those reasons, expecting much from anyone can lead to disappointments and heartaches in vain.

We tend to be disappointed because we are giving more than enough but the other person can’t give even half of it. Hearts can be broken and sadness comes into the picture.

Sometimes, expectations are disappointments in disguise. They tend to give us false hopes ad pseudo-promises that can leave us devastated in the end.

More than expecting, hoping for the best can one good alternative over expecting because hoping has bigger territory. There is something more intellectual in hoping than in expecting.

According to Wikipedia:

Hope: is the emotional state which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstance in one’s life.


Expectations: a belief that is centered in the future, MAY or MAY NOT BE REALISTIC

Thus, everyone should just hope for the best and never expect anything from anyone. It can spare us from getting hurt and happiness won’t slip away.

PS: It’s the season for giving. ~!~ enjoy the holidays folks!

Why Do We Need to Pause?

In this ever-changing time, full of chaos and uncertainties, we may become overwhelmed of what life can bring us. You sometime break down and don’t know what to do. You are clueless of what the future holds for you and what if for now, all you can think of are those misfortunes of your present life that doesn’t make sense?


This is the best thing to do.

Just pause and be quite.

Stop thinking.

Clear your mind.

Write down all your worries.

Let go.



Sometimes, you don’t have to sway against the wind to keep going. Sometimes, you have to admit that there is something wrong and just sit and give yourself up. It’s not wrong to cry and express what you feel and always remember to pause for awhile. Give time to shoo away all that is hurting you and is not pleasing to you. Have that time to meditate and just be free from everything.

Always remember that there is hope for a new tomorrow. You may now be feeling hurt today but remember, nothing is permanent. Those ups and downs in your life makes you feel alive and change is the only thing permanent. In every ups and down – pause. You need time to breath in and breath out. To let go and just go with the flow.

Someday, It’ll gonna make sense.