Numbers Will Never Define Who You Are






All are numbers.

The bigger the paycheck, the more houses owned or the more cars owned, the better the economic status.

For women, the younger the age is, the more beautiful they are.

The better the score is or the grades you get, the more intelligent you are.

If you ranked first in any contest, you are the “champion” and you are the “winner”.

And if you don’t satisfy those numbers, you are on the loser’s end.

But, to tell you, these are all DOGMA. People are expected to accept that this is true without questioning it.

We were all bounded by these numbers and sometimes, the reason why it scares us to move forward.

But, those numbers will never define who you are.

You are more than the paycheck that you get.

You are more than your age.

You are more than your rank in our society.

These numbers are mere numbers who tries to steal away our own identity and let us believe into something that we are not.

Because of these numbers, we become vain or bitter.

It invites comparison that lead us to do things that doesn’t really define us as a person.

We envy, we get jealous, we look down and we become selfish.

These numbers never fail to make us feel proud or down.

“A lot of zero’s didn’t mean anything really, except for security.” – Jodi Picoult, Handle With Care

These numbers limit us. It cages us. We become its prisoner

It limits our own capabilities and thus we may feel bad, become stagnant or we forget to learn something new.

Do not let those numbers fool us to who we really are, get out of those boundaries and try to become who we should be no matter what it takes.

Don’t let any number put you down.

Where to Find Hope in a Hopeless Place

“We Found Love in a Hopeless Place”– Rihanna

Well, it seems like love isn’t the only thing we can find in a “hopeless” place.

In the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, he had reiterated that we only live in a dream and we are currently living in hell because of anger, fear and other negative things that surrounds our lives.

Though silly as it seem, somehow, I believe him. Because of the misery everyone felt, this world had turned into “hell”.

A hopeless place.

People will destroy each other, values and morals are thrown out and disregarded, bonds break, betrayal, misunderstandings and of course, the seven deadly sins.

Its everywhere.

If we try to reflect, we can say that life is a one big mess.

But, where can we find hope in this hopeless place?

Try to examine yourself.

Are you contended for who you are and what you have achieved?

Do you see yourself doing what you should be doing in this world?

Do you think you are living with a purpose?

Are you happy yourself?

Are you one of those people who give “good” vibes to others? or one of those people who continually make fun of others and make them feel bad?

Do you make others happy? Or you make them feel miserable?

If you are one of those black sheep, come to think of it. Without knowing yourself, you unconsciously make this world miserable as well.

Remember, We are our own hope.

What can make the world beautiful? or a better place?

PEACE : Make peace with yourself. Forgive yourself and your mistakes. Start all over again.

LOVE: Love yourself. Embrace your imperfections.

HAPPINESS: Make yourself happy to give happiness to other people as well.

MONEY: Gain money by using your unique traits and abilities.

Everything that we need is in ourselves. We only need to discover it and use it for good.

However, remember that discovering yourself is the only start.

“No man is an island.” For we need to share these gifts to others. Nothing seem to be so important if we have no one to share it with.

If each of us discovered our purpose in this world, then maybe, this hopeless place can turn into a lovely and beautiful place to live in. A place where we can get love, hope and happiness.

Where to find hope in this Hopeless Place?

Look in the Mirror.

When to Know If You are Wasting Your Time

time 1. What You are Doing is Not Making you Happy.

Do I still need to elaborate on this?

Every time you do things against your own will is a wasted time. (Though sometimes, it can be a bitter taste of medicine on your part) A time spent doing “unhappy things” is not a time well spent.

2. You Can’t See the Purpose of What You Do.

Sometimes, you do things for just the sake of doing it without knowing the “why” behind it. (Though sometimes, this is where surprises come along). Its good if its fun or something adventurous and something that is out of your league or something that can boost something in your personality but doing things without any purpose (or discovering it after) is definitely useless. That’s why in everything you do, extract the “reason” or the “lesson” so in the end, you can’t perceive it as a waste of your precious time.

3. If you are Not Comfortable with the People you are with

Sometimes, it can leave you with no choice. But spending an outing with your most favorite people in the world is heaven, no matter how simple the gathering is.

4. You Felt Stranded or Stagnant

If you felt like what you are doing is becoming routinely and you felt like being stagnant or it feels like you need to change something, then right then at that moment you have acknowledged it, without putting an effort to change it, is already a time wasted.

5. When You are Procrastinating

In one way or another, everyone is guilty about this. Sometimes, we are unconsciously procrastinating because of never-ending “reasons” or better yet be labeled as “excuses” not to do things. Sometimes, we tend to “plan” things without being precise on when to do it or sometimes, laziness just starts to run in our system and in an instant: TIME WASTED.

Those are just a few in my list and I bet you have more in your list. Somehow, we must all be sensitive with our time because once we lost it, we can never turn it back.

How about you? When do you know if You are already wasting your time?

Why Do We Need to Anchor Our Values

Anchor Stock Photos - Image: 2061923As early as teenager, one must learn to anchor our own values.

As people age, we tend to be faced with different circumstances that can allow us to re-think about our beliefs.

However, if you have anchored your own values from the earliest time, you won’t be swayed easily. You’d be less vulnerable and gullible.

Your beliefs will be respected and you can also mark your name in your field or you would also be an inspiration to others.

If you have a firm stand in what you believe is right and wrong, it would be easier for you to decide on some matters about your life and as well as your relationship with other people.

However, there are certain things that can be “wrong” for you but aren’t to others. You have to respect what other people believe as well.

At the same time, you don’t have to like them too. Having your own stand is enough.

Anchoring your values doesn’t only mean about knowing what is right and wrong. It can also depict on how you act towards other people.

Do you respond with respect to others regardless of their social and economic status?

Anchoring your values is also about anchoring your own personality.

It’s like taking a picture. No matter how old you can be, the person in the photograph won’t age or change.

If you have decided what kind of person you want to be in the future, whether you become successful, powerful, rich, famous or just an ordinary person, your values will determine who you really are.

No matter how many trials will come into your life, you can easily get up and move on, because along the way, you are definitely sure that all you did was to do what is just and good according to your own values.


Try to imagine you are now a very rich and famous person. How do you want to become, with regards to your relationship with other people? What are the values you want to anchor that no matter how pressured you would become, you won’t be swayed by anyone else? At the same time,think of  how do you want to define yourself.

Do What is Right

They say, doing the right things are difficult and could really need determination because bad things are tempting and are done easily and can be done in just a breeze. Easy way out as they call it.

Anchoring your values needs time to be mastered. Every day, everyone is faced with temptations that most of the time not easy to crack because of the bliss that it offers.

But, Actually, these are just temporary.

Finding your happiness doesn’t need to go overboard. We always find articles, movies and books on happiness but happiness that is solely based on selfishness is not also good and can just also lead to heart breaks in the long run.

Pure and the unselfish quest for happiness is still the best because it tends to linger longer and can have a lasting effect. Though the road that one will go through won’t be easy, doing what is right without hurting anyone is one of the best gift you can give to yourself because you didn’t give in to temporary happiness and seeks for a lifetime glee.

Sometimes, we need to weigh things and we need to choose which is which. We need to make decisions whether to give in to those tempting desires and ruin our chance of lifetime happiness or just do the right things and wait for the right time and moment.

Sometimes, patience and faith is what we need. Faith that once you do the right thing, better things will come for you in the future.

Remember, God has always been faithful to His people.