In the middle of the night,
You keep yourself uptight.
You have no choice but to fight,
All your life will be your own flight.Fly high, enjoy the lights,
This is what I’ve always wanted,
I’m feeling so enchanted.
Can’t even believe all these sight.

I’ve just dreamt about this,
But now, it’s just so bliss.
Cant’s believe I have it,
Thanking God he gave it.

Carefree but cautious.
Free but still knows what’s dangerous.
Able but still responsible,
Comfortable but still uncomfortable.

Independence, hardwork and festivity
beyond serenity, peace and tranquility.
All these are made from heaven,
Thanking God for my haven.

Sometime easy, most of the time hard,
There are mishaps,
but happiness never laps.
Couldn’t even ask for more…SOLEDAD

One Way Street

Here I am in this end,
I think I am lost once again.
This ain’t something new,
I’ve been in this road, I know, I knew.
Why am I always heading,
To a road this dreading.
Once again, I gave in,
Here I am dyin’
When will I learn enough!
When will I stop believing this bluff!
All I wanted is just to be loved,
Something, I just can’t get enough.
Did I expect much?
Maybe, I’m just not enough.
“I am a friend.”
This broken heart can not be mend.
Goodbye maybe the hardest word,
But I’m choosing it ‘coz everything  seems blurred.
I don’t want to hold on.
Because I am facing this alone.
I hope I’d never face this road again.
And have learned my lessons by then,
I keep on praying that I’d find the right path.
And just be happy at last.

Not Today

 by Trina Rose P. Ricablanca

September 2, 2010

My day is over

I already closed the door
Turned the TV and lights off
I’m ready to hug my pillow and doze off
The rain keeps pouring 
And I just keep on turning
There’s something that bothers me
More than the single sound of the pouring rain
More than the temperature that shivers my skin
It is him who I keep on dreaming
Remembering his face so close, I feel like melting.
Remember how he pulls me away from my world
And gets me so weak into my knees as he touches me and hold
I never got to see but I got to feel,
His fingers slowly filling the empty spaces between mine
Though I wanted to hold on longer
But it should not be like that forever
My mind is holding back my heart
Telling me I’m not ready to give him my part.
How I cry those things are on the right time
How I cry he’s the right guy.
Signs were not evident
His true feelings were not apparent.
But the feeling every time he’s acting like mine,
My soul and body were electrified.
The feeling overwhelms me 
Though he’s not a certainty of a happily-ever-after story.
But how great it will be, when my Romeo comes along,
Love me like the prince whom I belong.
iamtwixietops ツ