I Want To Be That Girl

I just finished watching a spoken love poetry. And suddenly I have had that inspiration to write. I thought I want to be that girl. That girl he wishes to be his’, no matter what her mama says. I want to be that girl whom he’d say his weirdest dreams and how his day went… Read More I Want To Be That Girl

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Fight or Flight?

I wasn’t in a good relationship, I flight. I got scared to be in a relationship, I flight. I was bored with my job, I flight. I hated my surroundings, I flight. I’m with a mediocre boss, I flight. I wasn’t contended, I flight. Until when will I just flight? When should I fight? What… Read More Fight or Flight?

poem, what is missing

What is Missing?

Once, twice, thrice, Until when could this end? I’d been in and out But bitter is still what it tastes in the end. Why can’t I get the best tasting ending? Where can I get that one of a kind ingredient? Should I deal with it like a Math problem? Where is the given formula?… Read More What is Missing?

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Sometimes, Let Go

Sometimes, even if you are happy and contented, there are times that you should let go because that is not what you deserve. You may feel euphoric and delighted every time but there is a pang of guilt at the bottom of your heart that says no. Let Go. Sometimes, you just thought you had… Read More Sometimes, Let Go

poem, When She Cries

When She Cries

 She was some kind of naive She is so quiet indeed! I always see her as perfect, A woman of substance she is. I never thought she was that strong, Until trials come along. We were helpless, But there she was, praying relentless. I saw her strength when things got ill I thought she can… Read More When She Cries