I Want To Be That Girl

I just finished watching a spoken love poetry.

And suddenly I have had that inspiration to write.

I thought I want to be that girl.

That girl he wishes to be his’, no matter what her mama says.

I want to be that girl whom he’d say his weirdest dreams and how his day went

That girl whom he’d spent time in the couch doing nothing.

The girl who will end up in bed side-by-side reading and writing their love story.

I wish I can be that girl he can be vulnerable with.

The girl he’d say, “I love you” every single day.

I wish I can be that girl he wants to shower with gifts, hugs and kisses.

The girl who constantly challenges him to become a better version of himself.

The girl who will support him in his every endeavor.

Who will constantly cheer him up when he is down.

Whom “awkward silence” is never in the vocabulary.

Who will accept him for who he is but is in constant support for his growth.

That girl who will be his teammate when they tried to beat him.

I would want to be that girl.

Would love to be that girl.

I want to be that girl, if he only let me in.

Fight or Flight?

Eagle in Flight
I wasn’t in a good relationship, I flight.
I got scared to be in a relationship, I flight.
I was bored with my job, I flight.
I hated my surroundings, I flight.
I’m with a mediocre boss, I flight.
I wasn’t contended, I flight.
Until when will I just flight?
When should I fight?
What would you choose?
To flight all the time?
Or start to fight,
And finally feel that delight?
Something to think about. 🙂

What is Missing?

Once, twice, thrice,
Until when could this end?
I’d been in and out
But bitter is still what it tastes in the end.
Why can’t I get the best tasting ending?
Where can I get that one of a kind ingredient?
Should I deal with it like a Math problem?
Where is the given formula?
What am I missing?
When can I get that best equation ever?
How many scratch paper should I tear?
How many recipe should I burn and put to waste?
Sometimes, I just get tired.
And wanted to curl up and cry.
Ever since, keep asking why.
Haven’t found the best answer to thy.

Sometimes, Let Go

Sometimes, even if you are happy and contented, there are times that you should let go because that is not what you deserve. You may feel euphoric and delighted every time but there is a pang of guilt at the bottom of your heart that says no. Let Go.

Sometimes, you just thought you had given more than what you should give and no matter what the negotiations are, you know, nothing will work out. Let Go.

Sometimes, when you know that even if you had given all your life to it, nothing will change and you’ll just be fed up. Let Go.

Sometimes, when you think you are better off without them in your life. Let Go.
Sometimes, when it’s wrong from the start. Let Go.

Sometimes, when you thought you are being played. Let Go.

Sometimes, you forget yourself because of too much loving. You forgot to respect and love yourself because you made them the center of your life. Let Go.

Sometimes, when it’s starting to hurt you but you know it’s for the best. Let Go.

Sometimes, when they are the one who turned their back on you. Let Go.

Sometimes, when you know there is something missing and you keep asking for more than they can give. Let Go.

Sometimes, you just felt like the baggage’s getting heavier and heavier. Let Go.
Sometimes, when there are numerous broken promises. Let Go.

Sometimes, when you have fought but in the end, you’re still lost, Let Go.

Sometimes, when we start to expect too much and disappointment is rampant, Let Go.

Or Sometimes, when life just seem so unfair, Let Go.

Sometimes, we need to move forward, just let it go and Let God.
Remember: Life Goes On.

iamtwixietops ツ

When She Cries

 She was some kind of naive
She is so quiet indeed!
I always see her as perfect,
A woman of substance she is.
I never thought she was that strong,
Until trials come along.
We were helpless,
But there she was, praying relentless.
I saw her strength when things got ill
I thought she can not stand still.
But there she was,
With all heads up.
She knows how to mask what she feels
But even if she does,
She cant hide the fact
That she’s hurting inside
I seldom see her cry,
Maybe just once or twice
But when I see her teary-eyed,
My heart breaks every time.
When I see her cry,
I’m crying too inside.
But needs to fight
She needs someone to lean on this time.
When she cries,
Can’t help but be saddened too.
She was strong,
But at some point, I know she felt scared too.
When her mom died,
That’s the first time
I saw her cried.
She was so powerless that time.
Suddenly I thought,
She’s not only my mom
But has been a daughter somehow.
She wept, I cried too.
I just wish I could do something
To ease the pain that she is feeling.
Coz I know how somehow,
How painful it is.