An Open Letter to Critics

Go. Criticize me all you want.
Throw stones at me all you like.
I’d rather be wrong and find out I am, rather than believing that I am living a lie – a world of make-believe, where everything seems to be perfect.

Go and find fault in me because that is the only way I know that can help me improve.
Go. Look at me like I am the most stupid person in this world;
Blame me for all the things they did wrong because that is the only way I can protect them from incompetence and lack of empathy.

Go. Because that is what we are good at – pointing fingers.
Go and let me learn from every pitfall I’d find myself fallen into.
Find me at fault to every negligence, when it was the lack of strategy that’s causing every missed opportunity.
Go and give me all the knock-outs now.

Sometimes, we need to learn the hard way and only the strong and the mighty can accept that truth.

“Some people will always throw stones in your path. It depends on you what you make with them, Wall or Bridge? Remember you are the architect of your life.” – Anonymous

You can blame me all you want but you will never see me cry.
I will never apologize because I’ve poured my heart and soul to everything that I do.
If that is not enough for you, you have two choices:
Keep me and keep up with me, until I finally learned from my mistakes or
Let me go.
Either way, it’ll never be my loss, because I am used to starting from scratch and bouncing back to life over and over again.

To those who will and who had criticized me, thank you because
You’ve made me stronger by breaking my heart.

Life in 4 Sentences

I’ve posted this excerpt from the book, Stupid is Forevermore by Miriam Defensor Santiago in all my social media accounts and I still can’t get over its meaning – it sums up what life is.

1. The Adventure of Life is to Learn
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After school,  you thought you were done with learning. Never did I thought that it will be that one thing that will fuel me to be motivated and keep the fire burning. It’s when you know that everyday, you will be learning something new that will keep you interested in life.

It’s when you know that life can never be summed up with the money that you have and the luxury that you are getting. That life, in order to be fun, you have to discover something new and you have to continuously learn from it.

2. The Nature of Life is to Change
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Getting through change  is a challenge but then, once you get comfortable being uncomfortable, it’ll be like swaying in the wind where you’d just go with the flow. Changing ones routine can be very difficult at first but it’s life’s nature. We just need to deal with it.

3. The Purpose of Life is to Grow
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They say, when you have your feet on the ground despite what you have accomplished, it’s when you know that you are growing.

When you have anchored your values no matter where you go, whoever you’d become, you know you are at the right track.

4. The Challenge of Life is to Overcome
From the start of the adventure, changes and growing up, those are the challenges that you have to overcome. just as what the poem “Don’t Quit” said, “Rest if you must but don’t you quit.”  

Who would have thought that life can be summed up in just 4 sentences? or even 4 words?
Powerful words we should never forget: Learn, Change, Grow and Overcome

Be the Problem Solver: One Problem At A Time

Our world has never been perfect. We always see ourselves in the middle of a battle – whether it be with ourselves or with other people. Unfortunately, this world never ran out of problems – at home, at work, with friends, with loved ones, with acquaintances and with every person we’d meet along the way. But hey, there’s good news..


Photo grabbed from:
The Soul Purpose Project

Start becoming a problem solver: One problem at a time.
How do you become a problem solver?
Start from your own self. Resolve inner conflict with yourself. Learn to forgive oneself on things you didn’t do and the bad things you’ve committed. Start looking at the mirror and admire the person you are seeing. Resolve the things you hate about yourself. Work on it.
Laziness? Get up and just put yourself out there.
Procrastinating? Start getting things done.
After yourself, start resolving your conflict at home – with your wife, partner, mother, parents, sibling, then with your co workers, neighbors, community and so on.
Start with baby steps.
Start with small goals and every day, create new ones.
A compilation of small acts of kindness will overwhelm the world.

It’s the small things that matters.
A single act of kindness is better than the grandest intention.

Start small and end big. You’ll never know how many problems will you solve if you won’t try something you have never encountered.

Problems will always be part of life – learn to deal with it; otherwise, you’ll just end up wishing and hoping you did.

So, You Think You’ve Got No Superpowers?



Those are single words which ranges from 4 letters and more.
Those were short, yet, imagine yourself receiving those words.
Imagine your boss saying, “You are stupid.” or saying, ” You are Lovely!” or what if he’d say, “You’ve done a perfect work”. What do you think would you feel? Do you think those words can change your mood right from that instant? Do you think it will affect your whole day?

Imagine your office mate or classmate saying “Bitch!” in front of your face.
What do you think would you feel?

But what if that classmate/office mate would say, “You are pretty today.”
What do you think will you feel?

Again, it’s endless.

See how words can transform one simple day to a day full of happiness and love?
Or those same words can make you feel angry and fearful?

That is the power of words.
Words can work like a magic wand.
Just say something good and the person receiving it will feel good in an instant and just say something bad, they’d feel down and weary thereafter.

See how powerful you are?

When you choose your words properly, you’d also choose the power you’d put into your hands.

You have the power to encourage or discourage, motivate or degrade or invite or reject.


Therefore, if you choose your words, you will also choose your own superpowers.

So, You Think You’ve Got No Superpowers?

Think Again. 🙂

Disappointments in Disguise

Why Shouldn’t We Expect For More

That was an article I wrote a few months back. Mostly dwelled about the difference of expectations and hope.

But today, not only will I delete “expecting for more” but I want to languish expectations wholly in my mind. As they’d always say and have proven as well,

Expectations are disappointments in disguise.

I want to stop expecting anything from anyone anymore – including myself. I already stopped expecting myself to do things I am not good at and at the same time, stopped pushing myself too much. I’d realize that what matters most is doing my very best in everything that I do. Be the BEST that I can be, giving my whole self to every situation and if that “Best” me isn’t enough to other people, it’ll never be my loss anymore.

In dealing with others, I don’t like to expect that they can be someone else and can be that someone I picture in my head. I have to start accepting, that every person is different. There can be similarities, but everyone is unique in their own way.

Expectations spoil surprises.

Some doesn’t like surprises because it can caught them off guard. But those little things can make you smile more and appreciate that very moment – surprise phone call, messages, greetings, gifts, notes; who wouldn’t love them?

Expectations on the other hand, let you create an imaginary situation that may either make you feel good (sometimes) in the end, but most of the time, can disappoint you.

Start looking at yourself the way it is, improve yourself everyday. If you notice something is wrong about you, try to work on it and do not try to become someone else other than who you really are. Appreciate the moment, the people you are with and start living in the present. Give every situation a fresh look and try to peek in a different perspective without prejudice and without expectation.

Life can be so much easier! (and happier!)