Fight or Flight?

Eagle in Flight
I wasn’t in a good relationship, I flight.
I got scared to be in a relationship, I flight.
I was bored with my job, I flight.
I hated my surroundings, I flight.
I’m with a mediocre boss, I flight.
I wasn’t contended, I flight.
Until when will I just flight?
When should I fight?
What would you choose?
To flight all the time?
Or start to fight,
And finally feel that delight?
Something to think about. 🙂

What Military Training Taught Me

If you have clicked this link, you might either had a military training before or you are someone who knows me personally and was surprised by the title.

I am a little girl. Might be mistaken for a 15-year-old when make-up free.

But yes, I had a military training 11 years ago.

I was Lieutenant Corps G4 RICABLANCA TRIXIE PIMENTEL, 1st Class

I was the one who manages the logistics part of the whole 2004 batch in my high school.

This reminiscing was the result of watching a military themed movie from Singapore, entitled “Ah. Men to Boys” which was recommended by one of my high school batch mate, Carla, through Twitter.

That training must have been the toughest road I’d ever been to. It’s physically exhausting because of the everyday military exercises, punishments every simple mistake and at the same time, I have to keep up with my studies.

But part of that rigorous training were the values I’ve learned from it. These has always been part of my system ever since.

1. Discipline in whatever I am involved to.
Though it was a tough road to go through, I was so determined to finish it. Back then, our class starts at 7am but we have to be in school as early as 6am to attend the training. So, I have to wake up at 3am to prepare my food and my uniform.

Looking back, I never thought how I did it.

2. My Buddy is my Body
During our deliberation day, we were all assigned with one buddy and we have to look for each other. And aside from that, my buddies (those who were also part of that training with me) has been my friends, though we may not see each other that often now, that bond that we had back then was unbeatable. I’ve learned the value of respect because of them. We were all different from each other yet we have to work as one.

They were the first group of people who saw me cry. We argued with a lot of stuff but we manage to  work as as a team. I’ve learned the value of group work and group effort too. The importance of a good working relationship and how it can affect the intensity of your work. No matter how hard the situation is, if you are with positive and good people, the hardship you’d go through wouldn’t matter that much.

3. Follow first before you complain
In every situation I get into, I make sure I do what I can do first and when all else fails, I’m always proud that I never regret anything.

When you’re in a military training, you will be asked to do a lot of ridiculous things that you thought you can’t. I remember submerging myself in a filthy river because we have to “hide” from the enemies. Makes me feel gross every time I’d remember it. There was one part during our summer camp wherein we ate mixed noodles, rice and corned beef.

4. Three BEST poem I’d ever known by heart: Desiderata, Invictus and Don’t Quit
After my schooling, those poem even made more sense to me.

5. Command Presence
This is when I’ve learned how to stand up with power. Though I don’t do it consciously now, I know I still carry it with me.

6. The Value of Time
3am to 6am: Prepare for School
6am to 7am : Training
7am to 4pm: School
4pm to 5pm (sometimes till 6pm): Training again
6pm to 9pm: Assignments/ School Stuff
9pm to 3am: Sleep

That was my typical schedule back then when I was in third and fourth year high school. I’d realized since then that you’d get worth while results if you know how to manage your time well.

But what makes it more puzzling was my academic grades during that time. Even though I was that busy, that was the only year (3rd year) when I became a consistent honor student. I’d usually miss a quarter or two and wouldn’t be part of the that elite roster. As early as then, pressure has always made me work better and brighter.

Before, when the training was just starting, my motivation to finish it was just –  to become a kick ass officer of our batch. Never have I thought that it will change something in me that I am carrying up until now – 11 years after.

The value of your good and right choices. 🙂

Women Talk: That Time of the Month

Respect my PMS - premenstrual syndrome
Good news guys! You are not the only person who hates your girlfriend when she has PMS.
We girls also hate it.
When I remember my teen years, I don’t really believe about PMS. Thinking it was just an escape for girls to be crazy and irrational. I used to blame other people about what I feel. If I feel frustrated, disappointed, sad, depressed, etc. I used to point it out to others. It’s as if everything is their fault and I am a cute little angel that has nothing to do about it.
It’s just so funny that after sometime, I have realized that there is a pattern. The day that I wanted to cry over a simple comment about me or worse, about nothing, was also the day before I’d get my monthly visitor coming. I am not the usual person that I am. I easily get irritated, I need to double my effort to be happy with my job and be enthusiastic in my work, I have to pretend nothing is bothering me but in all honestly, I just want to be alone or else, in just one snap, I will burst my nonsense self to the whole world.
I hate it. I don’t feel like myself every time. I want to cry for no reason, suddenly, I’d be more detail oriented, I would expect a lot from people and I can be depressed over a simple interaction with someone.
Another depressing thing about this is the duration. Sometimes, this can last for one week which can really affect a number of people in my life. Aside from its emotional burden, there are physical damage too. Acne, food cravings which can result to weight gain, bloatedness and sometimes, easy fatigue-ability.
I am not the best person to tell you what to do on those times but here is what helps me do better every time that time of the month arrives.
1. Limit Your Interaction to People
I don’t expect you to do this if you are a people-person but this will really help a lot because the lesser person you interact with, the lesser it is for you to feel bad over some nonsense matters. It doesn’t mean not going to work but it means, being fully aware that “this is the time of the month” that you have to be very careful with what you say and do because it can really affect other people too. When they’d noticed my severe silence, I’ll reply, “PMS. sorry.” And they’d just understand it.
2. Limit Your Caffeine and Alcohol Intake
This can be the hardest part for me because I am a coffee drinker. Though I am limiting it to 3 cups a day, having none can make me lousy and sleepy. Caffeine has been known to block receptors which can result to depression and thus, decreasing your coffee intake can be of great help to manage your mood swings.
3. Small Frequent Healthy Eating
Since you crave for more food, small frequent healthy eating can be advisable. This time of the month, you can ditch the 3 big meals a day and change it to 6 small meals a day which includes fruits and more green leafy vegetables.
4. Get ways to Manage Stress
Even if you are not in your PMS periods, stressful events can trigger mood swings therefore, better stress management is indeed more necessary on these times. Go out with your trusted friend to vent out, write a journal, find a way to de-stress yourself.
5. Have Enough Sleep and Rest
Make sure to ditch out your stressors and of course, sleep well. Sleeping can help you regain your physical strength and make you focus on what you do. Having enough rest can make you feel refreshed and free from any outward misfortunes.
PMS has been a widely known group of symptoms and as women, we must learn how to overcome it because until our child bearing years is over, we will always meet our PMS-y self every month. All we have to do is deal with it. We will definitely miss it after our menopause. We just need to get used to it.
So to the guys in our lives, you don’t have any choice. It will always be a part of us. As long as we call ourselves “woman”.

iamtwixietops ツ

Treat Yourself

Sometimes in this busy world, we are always in the middle of a meeting, doing “this”, doing “that”; never ending deadlines and workloads.

When was the last time have you sat down, saw the world just pass you by and just relax?

Sometimes, treating myself means putting a halt to my rushed mornings and busy nights.

Sometimes, it doesn’t mean going out of town, drinking or hanging out with friends. Sometimes, it only means oversleeping, coffee time with a good book in hand, a time to just roam around and feel the morning breeze.

Sometimes, a treat would mean silence, ruminate about my life and reflect.

To others, treating means new bag, shoes, dress, which I also do sometimes, travelling with family or friends or buying themselves a new gadget.

Though those are good ways to treat and pamper yourself, connecting with my own self is still the best treat I can give to myself. It makes me aware of how my life has been and let me see things clearly. It also allow me to plan and build my next days to come.

By any means, try to have a break and just relax. Everyone need some time to breathe. Treat Yourself.

Why Women Should Work

Women work

Since March is Women’s month, this will be a good excuse for me to post articles about women empowerment. Let me start with this blog post.

Women should really work.

I’m not against housewives or women who devoted most of their time and life in taking care of their kids.

It’s selfless. Too selfless.

Looking back in 2009, I’ve written an article about my qualms about motherhood and until now, I still feel the same.

That’s why, I always admired mothers. Hats off! Motherhood was something as of right now, not in my bucket list even though I’m old enough to be one. It’s scares me to death maybe because I am not yet as stable as I wanted to be. I wanted to establish my own career first before jumping into having my own family. Being a woman is really hard because you are expected to be the best at EVERYTHING you do.

You have to be a loving wife, a caring mother, a responsible woman, reliable co-worker and a powerful woman all in all. One should never be left out.

Thus, women are really powerful. If you are one, never underestimate that power that was entrusted to you. Whether you are single or starting your own family, a powerful woman mustn’t be conquered by anyone. Even their husbands.

Sad to say, some women doesn’t know the power that lies within them. They depend on their husband or partner in building their family thinking they don’t have any word to say.

It’s never wrong to be the woman in charge of the house but make sure you are leaving something for yourself. Mothers would sometimes forget to take care of themselves which is really awful. Again, too much selflessness.

How many times have we seen women who were beaten to death by their so called “partners” or “husbands”. Honestly, I can even blame it to them (women) because these women were so blinded and would also de-value themselves. These women let their husbands treat them that way. Why? because most of them are too scared to be left because they depended too much with their other half.

As a woman, be as independent as you can. No one will ever love and value yourself more than you do to your own. How you treat yourself will also be the way others will treat you. If you treat yourself with utmost respect, then others will do too. And this would include your other half.

Successful woman makes career ladderCareer woman has higher value for themselves because they know they can stand by themselves even without a man. They can buy things on their own because it’s their own money. They can go to places that they want and they don’t have any restrictions because they can live a life that they’d dreamed of.

When a woman is working, her confidence level will eventually surface which makes her more beautiful. A working woman has that time for herself every morning before going to work; thinking they’d always want to look best every single day.

A working woman’s life works like a domino. The more she takes care of herself, the more she is taking care of her relationship with his man thus keeps a good relationship in place. When she has her own money, whether they are full pledge single woman, single mother or a wife, she can have something to share and give to their love ones. Working can also open some doors of opportunities that can change your family’s life as well.

Having your own career isn’t only about the money that you can contribute to your family. It’s also about self – worth, self – confidence and most importantly, self- respect.

Happy Women’s Month!

iamtwixietops ツ