Freedom Writers (Movie Suggestion)

Just like Miracle Worker, Freedom Writers is another inspiring story about a teacher.

“Teachers have infinite influence to the youth”

This movie is about the burning passion of a teacher, to teach kids in rehab. Those kids that were constantly been involved in brawls, drugs and addiction. Kids who were homeless, abused and those that were victims of child violence. These kids were basically, the problem of the society who never see the importance of studying because of how they were raised and the lack of guidance from their family.

They were judged because of their juvenile records in jail and had been exposed to the darker side of this world.

It’s a story about a teacher named, Ms. Erin Gruwell who believed in the abilities and talents of these kids despite their attitude towards her in the beginning.

A tear jerking story it is, because of its tough start.Her students initially do not respect her because they were wounded from the inside. She made them believe how great they are by listening to their stories and by genuinely caring for them. They have trusted her and opened up to her because of her sincerity towards them, that soon gained their respect.

It was also a difficult time for her when she was trying to get more resources for her students. Her advocacy wasn’t supported by her boss and the school management because of their skepticism towards the success of her goal for her students.

She was able to turn the table around both for her students and the school by giving them hope that people can change. She was able to teach these kids real life lessons that  has inspired them to become better individuals.

It was also an eye-opener on how a teacher should be. That their responsibility isn’t limited within the four corners of the classroom but also even outside of their school life – real life lessons that they can use even outside school.

They had been a family after that encounter and they were able to graduate high school (some of them graduated first in the family) because of Ms. G’s passionate gusto to teach them and help them. Another real life story which made it touch the hearts of its audience even more.

This movie made me learn that every person matters, every story counts. If we only have the guts to care about them, then we can turn the world around too.

Enjoy watching! 🙂

Movie Suggestion: The Internship

During one of our meeting with our client, this movie just pop out of our conversation and though it wasn’t directly recommended, it got me interested – the movie, The Internship

My reflective thinking was nudged throughout the film and made me think about my previous teams, friends I gathered while working and people I’ve met along the way. Because of the nature of my work, at some point, I know I have met Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) already in an industry compose of young, vibrant and competitive newbies and I have observed first hand the struggles of these old souls who want to join an industry of a new generation.

This movie is about working as a team which our new generation sometimes tend to forget at times, because they are so used to working in front of their computers thinking that personal interaction is less important. This movie is about change, facing fears, adversity, tenacity, persistence and resiliency.

Everyone of us must have faced that time when you were down and you just don’t know where would life bring you and because of the never-ending changes that you see around you, you tend to be scared and not take the leap of faith.

A movie about bringing up the best in every situation – in good times and in bad.

It’s about two undergrad ex-salesmen who dared to apply as an intern in one of the most sought after company in the United Sates – Google. These two men were old enough to be daddies compared with the other interns. They decided to enter this new world when their company was bankrupt and they badly needed a new job. Because of their courage to try something different, they got the chance to have an On the Job Training in the said company, surrounded by tech savvy newly grads.

As the challenges arise, their positive thinking and motivation separated them from the rest of the group and made me remember this line about attitude. “It is the attitude not the aptitude that really counts.”

As a trainer, if I’d be given the chance to recommend one movie to my class, this will be my best bet because for sure, the inner team player and leader will surely come out of my trainees and they’d be surely be motivated.

Movie Suggestion: The Miracle Worker

What is this movie all about? And what makes this movie interesting?

This movie is an old movie that was recommended to me by my sister who is taking up BS in Education Major in Special Education. This is one of their assignments in school and just like her, I was moved by it.

This movie is about the story of Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller. Who wouldn’t know the tandem of those two most inspirational women of all time? I’ve been dying to read or watch a movie about them, especially Helen Keller because I want to know how did they become the two most talked about women in history.

At first, I thought that I will be moved by Helen but I was wrong. It was Anne Sullivan that has really touched my heart. Because of her patience, passion and dedication.

Teaching someone like Helen who is physically challenged was really difficult: physically exhausting and mind-blowing. A person like Helen needs a strong person to understand her and teach her the  things she needs to know about life. Through out the movie, Anne never treated Helen as a student but as her own child. She loved her more than any person could.

One thing I’ve learned, is the importance of discipline to a child. As parents, there are times when you want to indulge your children in every way or any thing that they want; to the point of spoiling them. I’ve realized that saying “no” to some of their “wants” may be the way for them to learn values that they have to know – patience, humility and respect to name a few.

Communication. This is the main gist of this movie. This is the key to a better relationship.

It seem’s like Helen is not the only one who should learn how to communicate.”

That is what Anne said to Helen’s bother and this has ignited his brother to speak up his mind and tell his parents what he really wants.

Anne Sullivan is indeed a Miracle Worker.

Why We Liked the Movie Frozen and the Song “Let It Go”

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
Well, now they know

Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door

I don’t care
What they’re going to say
Let the storm rage on,
The cold never bothered me anyway.

When people were expecting some fairytale-ish ending kiss from true love, it surprised us with a much better and sensible ending.

I am also one of the millions who were mesmerized with that Disney movie and that verse above is my favorite part of the song “Let it Go” and the reason why I’ve loved the movie.

But have it ever occurred to you why this has been a hit?

Maybe because most of us has that “hidden self” that we would like to show to the world but we are just so scared, just like Elsa.

We want to liberate ourselves from those restrictions that the world build around us and sometimes, limitations that we also build ourselves – self inflicting limits. Some were considered social norms that has been accepted ever since and we are in no position to bend any of those so-called rules.

The song Let it go connotes empowerment, freedom and most importantly being loved despite our imperfections.

In one of my favorite books, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, he has described us as wounded and scarred individuals. We are like leper wherein, we would try so hard to hide those wounds to those around us that is why we are creating a facade to conceal that “true part” of ourselves. Those that are unflattering, weird, unacceptable and those part of ourselves that we really hate.

Just being our self is the biggest fear of humans.

But nobody abuses us more than we abuse ourselves.

We have that part that we thought others couldn’t accept because we ourselves can not accept too.

When Elsa’s unusual power was known to the world, she chose to be free but alone. She’d rather live by herself in a far away place than be with people who won’t accept her and judge her as a sorcerer.

Never did she know that all she has to do was to love and accept that part of her so she can control her powers.

The more self-love we have, the less we will experience self-abuse. Self-abuse comes from self rejection,and self-rejection comes from having an image of what it means to be perfect and never measuring up to that ideal.”

“Only the act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.”

Sometimes we only need one person to accept and love us for who are. To accept that we aren’t perfect and we are flawed individual. And sometimes, that one person is just ourselves.

Sometimes, all we need is to just let it go.

Kung Fu Panda: Why I Still Recommend It

This movie was shown in 2008 and I know it has already been 6 years since then. But, the lesson you can gain from it doesn’t seem to age in time.

Aside from comedy films, I also have a thing for cartoons and this is just another film that has touched my heart.

Lessons from Po, Master Shifu, Master Oogway and the Furious Five (Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Mantis and Crane)

1. There is No Accident

When Po (The Panda) was chosen to become “The Dragon Warrior” everyone was really furious about it. They doubted him and he had received a lot of mocking comments from everywhere he went because he was believed to be just an “accident”. He suddenly appeared from nowhere when the ceremony started and without any Kung fu experience, he became the chosen one.

2. Perseverance  will Get you to Your Dreams

Though Po knows that he doesn’t have that “factor” to become the Dragon Warrior, he tried his best and NEVER GAVE UP. It was his dream and he wanted to give it a try and he did everything that he can, even though everyone didn’t believe in him.

3. If You Want It, You Get It.

All you have to do is focus yourself on it and free yourself from all the distractions that you will meet on your way to your dreams. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Believe in yourself and the rest will follow.

4. Life Doesn’t Always Have To Be Serious

One characteristic of Po that made me really like him is his jolly nature. He makes life easier by having fun in everything that he do. He is very witty and smart with a lot of sense of humor.

5. There is No Special Recipe

When Po received the “The Dragon Scroll” which is the promised treasure to the chosen Dragon Warrior, he was surprised to see that there is nothing written on it. Because there is no magic recipe. You,yourself is already the magic ingredient. There is no secret and all you have to do is just believe that you can.

6. Your Pride Will Kill You

When Tai Lung (The Leopard and the villain) was denied of the The Dragon Warrior Title, he became so hostile and started to ruin the city. He was imprisoned thereafter, but after 20 years, he escaped and went back to get his revenge.This was all because of his wounded pride when Master Oogway didn’t believe that he is the chosen one. But because of the prophecy that Po will be the Dragon Warrior, Tai Lung was killed and was defeated by Po.

7. You Only Have to Believe

Even if things may seem to be impossible, all you have to do is to believe. Believe in your own strength that you can move mountains. And sometimes, you also have to believe that others can too. Your faith in them can also make them stronger and thus, can make them believe in themselves too.

8. Always Be Strong

In the midst of all mockery, you are left with no choice but to be strong. Be strong in a way that you won’t let their hurtful words get into your heart which can discourage you.

9. Just be Yourself.

Don’t wish to become someone else. Yes, Po is a fat Panda, he can’t even climb the stairs with grace and was labeled as “weak” but he never ceased to be just himself and soon, he found out that “something” in him that is so unique that makes him worthy of the title: The Dragon Warrior.

10.  If You Get Hurt, You Have to Learn Something New

Tai Lung: When He was hurt because he was denied of the title, he has to learn the value of humility.

Master Shifu: When Po became the The Dragon Warrior, his pride was hurt because not one of the Furious Five was chosen (he trained them for a long time) ; his faith was tested. He has to believe that he can train Po in just a short span of time.

Tigress and the Rest of the Furious Five: They were also hurt when denied of the title but, they have to learn and accept defeat.

Po: When he was mocked by people, he was hurt but, he has to learn the value of perseverance and courage.

It may just be a cartoon movie for some,  but it has presented life lessons that are very valuable. In times when you think you can’t, just think of Po, and somehow, you can get that “spirit” that yes, just like him,  you too can!

Happy Sunday Guys! <3