Freedom Writers (Movie Suggestion)

Just like Miracle Worker, Freedom Writers is another inspiring story about a teacher.

“Teachers have infinite influence to the youth”

This movie is about the burning passion of a teacher, to teach kids in rehab. Those kids that were constantly been involved in brawls, drugs and addiction. Kids who were homeless, abused and those that were victims of child violence. These kids were basically, the problem of the society who never see the importance of studying because of how they were raised and the lack of guidance from their family.

They were judged because of their juvenile records in jail and had been exposed to the darker side of this world.

It’s a story about a teacher named, Ms. Erin Gruwell who believed in the abilities and talents of these kids despite their attitude towards her in the beginning.

A tear jerking story it is, because of its tough start.Her students initially do not respect her because they were wounded from the inside. She made them believe how great they are by listening to their stories and by genuinely caring for them. They have trusted her and opened up to her because of her sincerity towards them, that soon gained their respect.

It was also a difficult time for her when she was trying to get more resources for her students. Her advocacy wasn’t supported by her boss and the school management because of their skepticism towards the success of her goal for her students.

She was able to turn the table around both for her students and the school by giving them hope that people can change. She was able to teach these kids real life lessons that  has inspired them to become better individuals.

It was also an eye-opener on how a teacher should be. That their responsibility isn’t limited within the four corners of the classroom but also even outside of their school life – real life lessons that they can use even outside school.

They had been a family after that encounter and they were able to graduate high school (some of them graduated first in the family) because of Ms. G’s passionate gusto to teach them and help them. Another real life story which made it touch the hearts of its audience even more.

This movie made me learn that every person matters, every story counts. If we only have the guts to care about them, then we can turn the world around too.

Enjoy watching! 🙂

Why I Love the Longest Ride

This was a movie adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel, The Longest Ride; I have not read the book yet but then, I opted to watch the film already (Just not sure if this is a good decision but I’m hoping it is). As you all know, Nicholas Sparks is my holy grail of love stories. He can hit you right in your heartstrings and I have always enjoyed his works (well, not all but most. Feel free to visit my other reviews about his novels HERE).

In his other novels, death has always been part of its recipe which makes the story more poignant and can leave you brokenhearted thereafter (there is still a tinge of death but was not highlighted that much in the film. It’s the death of Luke’s father). And this one is different.

It’s real and can hit you bull’s-eye.

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In his other novels, he has introduced different health issues such as Asperger’s in Dear John, Alzheimer’s Disease in The Notebook and Leukemia in The Walk to Remember but here, it wasn’t one of his  ingredients. Here, he presented reality. That there are people from two different world that can fall in love and though you may belong to two different genre’s of life, there will always be a way to make things work.

It introduced the notion that we had always been hearing ever since that, “Love is a choice”.

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That love is never perfect and can sometimes be out of your league. At times, you can not even understand it and can sometimes stand between you and your dreams.

In that situation, for sure, I’d also choose my dreams and one time opportunities more than love but then, soon, you’d realize that your dreams can be nothing if you have no one to share it with.

My favorite scene:

Dinner by the lake 🙂

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“It’s just 6 seconds but that girl can be the rest of your life.”