On Mediocrity

Mediocrity was a word that doesn’t seem to affect me before. It was the status quo that I thought I should live about. I thought it was the safety net that would keep you on your game.

But somehow, when you finish a project with a mediocre effort, it doesn’t seem to satisfy my high standards.

If there are two enemies that I still try to combat in my life until now, it’s procrastination and mediocrity. Procrastination though was something I get to control somehow at the very least. I get to fight it with dignity.

Always Get Things Done. That’s an article I have written few years back to improve my procrastinating self. But mediocrity was different. It’s much difficult to deal with. It’s like running in my blood. But, I come to realize that it’s not mediocrity that causes my grief. It’s my lack of motivation. It’s laziness. It’s dependency to other people and the lack of belief to oneself.

I keep on asking why, to know what causes it and as I do, I realize, I am not mediocre. I always do my best in everything and it was just my high standards that made me believe I am. In everything I do, I always follow my heart. Maybe, its all about comparing my achievement to other people that would touch my ego, thus made me conclude I am mediocre.

I realize mediocrity would arise if you don’t lay all your cards, if you keep yourself on the safe side and just be content and would not strive for high ideals.

I may have suffered mediocrity in my eyes but what’s important is for you to defy the norms and always try your very best in every situation.

Mediocrity is the result of a half-hearted man.