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Be Prepared for the Shit Sandwich

I’ve Waited Long for This That was the article I wrote after getting what I dreamed of, 5 years ago – to become a trainer. It wasn’t an easy road to get through. Roadblocks, setbacks, hurdles, struggles and I must admit, I wasn’t prepared for the shit sandwich. But first of all, what is a… Read More Be Prepared for the Shit Sandwich

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Freedom Writers (Movie Suggestion)

Just like Miracle Worker, Freedom Writers is another inspiring story about a teacher. “Teachers have infinite influence to the youth” This movie is about the burning passion of a teacher, to teach kids in rehab. Those kids that were constantly been involved in brawls, drugs and addiction. Kids who were homeless, abused and those that were… Read More Freedom Writers (Movie Suggestion)

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What is Mini Travelling?

Again, as I’ve mentioned a number of times in this blog, I’ve never been a travel buff but travelling in places I’ve never been, even if it’ll just be within my proximity, is my thing. Mini Travelling as I’d say. What is Mini Travelling? Well, this is not something globally known or internationally used. It’s… Read More What is Mini Travelling?

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How “Single” Should Look Like

“If you were saved from a relationshit, then you should learn to appreciate it.” Not that I am being very cynical about your reasons of being single, but at some point, there was a reason why you are single. Maybe for days, months and for some – years. When you are in a middle of a… Read More How “Single” Should Look Like

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Ramblings of a People-Pleaser

“Libra’s are kind but some people construed it as their weakness” Is being kind considered a weakness? That is the question I keep asking myself. They’d say, fake it ’till you make it. But no matter how I feign sarcasm and rudeness just to conceal my total kindness; somehow, it has been a total fail.… Read More Ramblings of a People-Pleaser