Why Do We Need to Pause?

In this ever-changing time, full of chaos and uncertainties, we may become overwhelmed of what life can bring us. You sometime break down and don’t know what to do. You are clueless of what the future holds for you and what if for now, all you can think of are those misfortunes of your present life that doesn’t make sense?


This is the best thing to do.

Just pause and be quite.

Stop thinking.

Clear your mind.

Write down all your worries.

Let go.



Sometimes, you don’t have to sway against the wind to keep going. Sometimes, you have to admit that there is something wrong and just sit and give yourself up. It’s not wrong to cry and express what you feel and always remember to pause for awhile. Give time to shoo away all that is hurting you and is not pleasing to you. Have that time to meditate and just be free from everything.

Always remember that there is hope for a new tomorrow. You may now be feeling hurt today but remember, nothing is permanent. Those ups and downs in your life makes you feel alive and change is the only thing permanent. In every ups and down – pause. You need time to breath in and breath out. To let go and just go with the flow.

Someday, It’ll gonna make sense.

Worry ends, When Faith Begins

Last Sunday, I went to church and the priest has mentioned that from Oct 11 to Christ the King Sunday of 2013, it’s what Pope Benedict the 16th called as the Year of Faith.

I remember a story before, (maybe, one of the homilies I have heard) about a father and child trying to escape from a burning house. The father jumped off the window to get out and instruct his son to jump as well. The child can’t see his father because of the thick smoke surrounding them. But since the child believed that his father can see him and will catch him no matter what, he just jumped the window without any hesitation even if he can’t assure himself that his father was there.

It’s what you call faith. When you think you have done enough, the Lord will give with what you deserve. When you have given your cards and you have nothing more to offer, sit back and relax. Ask and thou shall receive.

As one my favorite quote says: Worry ends, when Faith Begins.

Why Should We Love Uncertainties

“No Direction”

These are the words that comes to mind when you hear the word “Uncertainties”. Its fearsome and connotes nothingness; no assurance. If I should describe it as a color. It should be color gray. You’re not sure if its black or white.

Imagine standing in a road with 2 ways in front of you- the left and the right. When you are uncertain, that is the place you’re at. Why should you love it? Because you were given the chance to choose which is which. Should you go right? or should you go left? It’s your call.

It maybe blur but there is a chance of seeing the light after you have chosen which path to take. All you need is the courage to choose after exploring your options. Sometimes, you even have to take risks.

Never underestimate what God is in store for you. Let’s see the light in uncertainty and all we have to do is keep an open mind and an open heart. Don’t forget to see the bright side in every darkness. Keep a positive mind.

Embracing What We Have

Many of us dwell on the things that we don’t have.

A nice car, a house of our own, a good paying job, travelling the world, and a lot more that we dream of.

Its not wrong to desire what we don’t have and look after our dreams but we must also never take for granted what we have in life because with what we have, no matter how scarce it is, we can start from there.

The way we appreciate how our lives are and who are in it is very important for us to see the bright side of things. If we started to feel insecure and feeling down because of some sh*t that is happening in our lives, start looking at the mirror and be thankful that you can still see your pretty face and the beautiful world.

Learn to appreciate the smallest things that you have in your life and be grateful for them. Embrace what we have and be thankful for them