Confidence Too, Must Be Practiced

When talking in front of people is your job,  they’d always think you were confident all the time; that you never shake in front of them or you never felt scared. Some of them would also think that it’s all natural for you.

Maybe for some, but definitely not for all.

Shaking voice, mental block, sweaty palms and looking stupid. This is how I’d looked like every time I’d talk in front of people some time ago. Sure, there’d be times when I can compose myself and I’d be able to give a good speech. I know I have command presence but somehow, talking with an audience shivers me. I had inferiority complex and I was so scared of criticism. I hated the fact that I’d be scrutinized from head to foot, from the way I’d sway my hand and the way I’d flip my hair. They thought I’d just do that with a breeze. But at the bottom of my heart, I was always scared. Scared that I wouldn’t be able to deliver what they’d expect; scared to be exposed and every time I’d stand in front of everybody, I felt like a naked person being observed by everyone.

I’d still feel those nerves until now. But every time I felt that, I would always think, there is something wrong and would make me think “How can I use my full potential if I continue to be scared?”

“Everything you want is behind your fears.”

The time I decided not to fear public speaking was the time I changed my entire life. In total, I have had only around 7 classes with 25 people as the largest group and 8 as the least, but at the end of every class I’ve had, there is one thing I’d always feel inside of me that seems to be very addicting – fulfillment.

To touch lives is what I’ve always dreamed of. To be at least of a good influence to people and to give them a part of me that has always wanted to come out of me. But do you think confidence is innate with me and I never worked hard to attain it?

The answer was NO. In every class, I have to do a “ritual” of positive thinking and gathering all my confidence before I can stand in front of people (especially on the first day of class. That was the most horrifying of all).

The more you practice your confidence by conquering your fears, the more confident you become every time. As what they say, confidence is like a muscle, you have to exercise and use it, or else, it will just atrophy and your muscle can die.

The more you let go of your inhibitions, the better you are becoming. I never thought that an introvert like me can speak up and finally get out of the shell. The beginning will always be the hardest. Only until you finally master how to do it without even trying; you’d be surprised, it’s as if it has always been there.

Fake it till you make it –  as what they say.
Allow yourself to become a beginner because every expert started from that point too.

The more you practice confidence, the more it’ll imbibe in you and soon, you’ll see yourself confident enough to be who you are in front of everybody without thinking of what they think.

Practice may not make you perfect but it’ll make you become better. Remember, we are all a work in progress.