You are Afraid to Change Because You are Perfectly Happy

This “Perfectly Happy” situation is what you call your comfort zone. Arrow With Word Risk Breaks Word Comfort. Stock Images - Image: 30010084

This is sometimes, the reason why we are scared to step up and take  a notch higher. Be in your career, love life, business or personal issues.

It’s so comfortable to be happy and be contented with what we have and I actually acknowledge, that is what we always seek: Contentment and Peace of Mind.

However, sometimes, because of this fear, it can make us stagnant somehow and when a storm comes in our lives, we tend to be easily shaken by it because we have lived in our “comfort zone” much longer that we should have stayed.

Sometimes, because of too much complacency, we forgot that change is also necessary.

As a child, it’s so comfortable to be the dependent one. When we were young, we would always depend on our parents. Our food, clothing, home, education and a lot more. But, when one gets older, no matter how comfortable it is to be the dependent child, we must accept the fact, that there should be changes in the family.

You must learn to be independent and initiate to get some responsibility from your parents like paying the bills, doing the laundry, taking over the family’s business etc. etc.

Though you are perfectly happy being the child, because of inevitable changes like you growing up and them (your parents), growing old, changes must be initiated.

Change is not only for them but for you as well. You get the chance to manage your own money, start saving up and get a new experiences from those.

As I grow up, I realize that everyone must be accustomed to change because as cliché as it is, it will always remain the truth: It is the only constant thing in this world.

Change is one thing a lot of people is scared of but is needed to be accepted.

Change can also be a success in disguise. We should learn to accept it. One step at a time.

You are the Change Your Life Has Been Waiting For

For a long time, I had been wishing to meet someone that will change my life. Be it about love, business, work or anything as long as it will change something in me.

Never have I thought that waiting for that person is a waste of time. For I have realized, I am the only one who can bring change in my life. And so do you.

You are the only one who can change it and the change will depend on your own pace.

You want to change slowly but surely? or you can leap as high as you want. It will all depend on your power to get things done. As what they say,

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So, you want to change something in your life, then, change it, create a life that you can be proud of and you can be happy about.

Start from today because our future solely depends on what we do right now. Appreciate the “now” and start doing the dirty work.

Ditch that idea about “meeting someone” and what “others” might think. Instead, make yourself that “someone” you might want to meet in the future.

The C-H-A-N-G-E Chronicles

“CHANGE” Starts With a Letter “C” as Chaos 

Since I have started to know what “C” stands for, better yet give my other insights about the next five letters in the word “CHANGE”.

There will be Chaos because there will be a lot of Hindrances as you come along with this new transition in your life, love or business. People will definitely be uncomfortable with the “new” idea that you have presented and you will most likely get violent reactions and negative feedback. There will definitely be a turmoil and you will start to question this idea.

Then, you will experience ambivalence.

You will suddenly question your own idea and have some doubts about it. You will also feel bad about your decision and might feel depressed about it as well.

This must be the toughest part of CHANGE because if you don’t have strong will and won’t believe in your own strength, you will be disheartened and might lose hope and won’t pursue with what you really want.

During the ambivalence stage, you have to be optimistic and you need to be strong. If not, you will be swayed and might not go on with the next step.

If you find other people not satisfied with your ideas, go to them and Negotiate.

During the Negotiation stage, learn to be open-minded and keep your calm attitude. You have to listen more, instead of talking. You were already given the chance to present your own thoughts and it’s time for you to know how others perceive about those.

You might hear opinions that can hurt you and your ego, nevertheless, consider it as constructive criticism instead of destructive. Try to know their point of view and ask them if they have any idea on how to avoid such negative things.

Learn to compromise.

Sometimes, you need to swallow your pride as well just to make things better.

After ironing things with your subordinates or the people involve, you get to land on the next stage which is the Guts stage.

You need to have the guts to go along with this transition and find the courage to eliminate the things that needs to be eliminated.

Sometimes, you should also have the audacity to implement this new negotiated idea. Yes, sometimes, you have to be daring and fearless as well.

Next would be the Evaluation stage. In this stage, you will know if you went back to Chaos stage or you have been successful.

During this stage, you will evaluate if you have Excelled  or you need to formulate a new idea and you have to Exit.

Remember, this is a cycle.


Chaos- Hindrances- Ambivalence- Negotiate- Gut-Evaluation (Excel or Exit)

Tell me how you feel about this chronicles? Does it make sense?

Feel free to comment below. ~!~

CHANGE starts with a Letter C as “Chaos”

We always say, there is no constant here in the world except for change. It’s needed for us to grow and be better.

“Yes, I know, I know! ” I mumbled as I was reading all the change articles in the web.

It’s a bit frustrating somehow when you know it’s for your own good, yet, you fail to acknowledge its benefits in the long run.

Here’s my reaction about simple “change”

After almost 23 years of living in our house, my family at last got some amount of money to get rid of our leaking ceiling and cracked walls and flooring.

Those leakage has always been our problem through the years but we never got the chance to renovate it until late last year.

This transition is killing me.

I have to keep my things in another room, I’m not sleeping in my own bed and the worst is, I am a “squatter” sharing beds and room with my sisters. I have no permanent room of my own. And right now, I am so furious because I won’t be sleeping comfortably in the next days sleeping next to my sisters.

You might think I am a brat and might think this is just a “rant” post.

Somehow it can be called a “rant” post because I was able to say how I exactly feel about this change that is happening in our life.

But, if you try to think about it deeper, my reaction to change is everyone’s reaction to change as a whole (not just about our house).

If you happen to be involved in something different from your usual routine, you get furious, irritated, annoyed and if you are the facilitator of “change” in your community, office or school, you’ll hear endless complaints, rants, annoying grunts and a lot more violent reactions from everyone involved.

This is actually the start of C-H-A-N-G-E.

C for CHAOS!

There will be a disruption from your everyday routine.

There is “inconvenience” at first or even along the way.

Nevertheless, these grunting, ranting and annoyances will all be paid off in the end.

May that change be a failure or success, it will all lead to one thing: You have learned something new.

You learn to get out of your comfort zone and face challenges.

Facing change maybe inconvenient for all of us but as cliché as it is,

Change is the only gateway for everyone’s betterment.