Hitting a Plateau?

Who among you felt like plateauing in life?

What is a Plateau?

It’s when you thought you have nothing more to offer. When you thought that you’ve got all that you want and you cease to grow because you were at “that” stage when you have gotten what you’ve dreamed of.

This is one of the most dangerous part of life. When you close your minds to more possibilities because you thought, you’ve got it all and you don’t have that big of a lid that will encompass a much bigger scope of influence and dream. Sometimes, it’s fear that is constantly feeding that kind of mindset (which can be another story).

I once dreamed of becoming a better version of myself. I think everyone does. But what will stop you from dreaming? When you’d finally gotten into the top of “your” hill? When you think you have nothing more to learn because you thought you had been the best?

My goodness! what a mindset.

I also fell into that trap of thinking. Maybe because I have read plenty of books and I thought I was on top of my game. But then, who said, there is an ending to all possibilities in this world? Who said that you should stop dreaming when you’ve finally been into your destination?

I tell you, there will always be a room for improvement. We never stop learning and our life is a never ending journey of reflection and continuous growth.

In times when you are plateauing and you do not know where to go, remember that there will always be a much better service that you can offer. You never cease to look for something more. Something bigger that you have right now. It’s human nature to look for something more. If you stop looking for more, your mind will rot and will start creating a bunch of excuses not to dream more and do more. When you stop, you’d feel lost (again) and defeated.

Inaction – doing nothing about a situation strengthen fear and destroys confidence.
– The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

Don’t be fooled though. I am not talking about monetary increase or growth. Or life milestone. I am talking about the value that you give to others. What more can you give? What are the weaknesses that you need to enrich to be at your full potential?

Watch your words during these times of your life. Most of the time, this is when you are so dangerous because not only can you trick your mind into nonsense excuses but, you can also influence others to be at that mindset. Which will then add to the negativity in this world. A very crucial part of life I should say.

I realize how important it is to dream. To look for something more and becoming more than you are right now. You never stop and you never quit. Also, let me end this post with an excerpt from a poem that held so much meaning in my life.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about,
When he might have won if he’d stuck it out,
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow,
You might succeed with another blow.

Often the struggler has given up,
When he might captured the victor’s cup.
And he learned too late, when the night slipped down,
How close he was to the golden crown,

It may be near when it seems afar,
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit,
It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit.

Don’t Quit by Edgar A. Guest

Confidence Too, Must Be Practiced

When talking in front of people is your job,  they’d always think you were confident all the time; that you never shake in front of them or you never felt scared. Some of them would also think that it’s all natural for you.

Maybe for some, but definitely not for all.

Shaking voice, mental block, sweaty palms and looking stupid. This is how I’d looked like every time I’d talk in front of people some time ago. Sure, there’d be times when I can compose myself and I’d be able to give a good speech. I know I have command presence but somehow, talking with an audience shivers me. I had inferiority complex and I was so scared of criticism. I hated the fact that I’d be scrutinized from head to foot, from the way I’d sway my hand and the way I’d flip my hair. They thought I’d just do that with a breeze. But at the bottom of my heart, I was always scared. Scared that I wouldn’t be able to deliver what they’d expect; scared to be exposed and every time I’d stand in front of everybody, I felt like a naked person being observed by everyone.

I’d still feel those nerves until now. But every time I felt that, I would always think, there is something wrong and would make me think “How can I use my full potential if I continue to be scared?”

“Everything you want is behind your fears.”

The time I decided not to fear public speaking was the time I changed my entire life. In total, I have had only around 7 classes with 25 people as the largest group and 8 as the least, but at the end of every class I’ve had, there is one thing I’d always feel inside of me that seems to be very addicting – fulfillment.

To touch lives is what I’ve always dreamed of. To be at least of a good influence to people and to give them a part of me that has always wanted to come out of me. But do you think confidence is innate with me and I never worked hard to attain it?

The answer was NO. In every class, I have to do a “ritual” of positive thinking and gathering all my confidence before I can stand in front of people (especially on the first day of class. That was the most horrifying of all).

The more you practice your confidence by conquering your fears, the more confident you become every time. As what they say, confidence is like a muscle, you have to exercise and use it, or else, it will just atrophy and your muscle can die.

The more you let go of your inhibitions, the better you are becoming. I never thought that an introvert like me can speak up and finally get out of the shell. The beginning will always be the hardest. Only until you finally master how to do it without even trying; you’d be surprised, it’s as if it has always been there.

Fake it till you make it –  as what they say.
Allow yourself to become a beginner because every expert started from that point too.

The more you practice confidence, the more it’ll imbibe in you and soon, you’ll see yourself confident enough to be who you are in front of everybody without thinking of what they think.

Practice may not make you perfect but it’ll make you become better. Remember, we are all a work in progress.

Guest Post: Improve Your Daily Schedule

White Board Schedule, Markers, Eraser Are you among these people who are constantly complaining that they are too pressed for time and therefore unable to run all the errands they are supposed to during the day. Don’t you think that improving your schedule, making it more flexible and easy to follow can greatly improve your ability to cope with all the tasks at your home, office, garden and even find some time for yourself? Make the necessary changes and start doing more things that make you happy.

  • Don’t underestimate the importance of the good sleep. An adult needs to sleep between 6 and 8 hours per night in order to be energetic and productive during the day.
  • It is a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important meal for the day. Under no circumstances should you miss it but you have to make sure it is healthy and nutritional. Having an abundant breakfast will save you time for snacks during the main meals and will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your body.
  • Do your best not to neglect your appearance and absorb yourself in performing the tedious daily tasks. You need no more than 20 minutes a day to look good and rest assured it will be noticed by your friends and co workers.
  • In general, there are two types of people – those who are more productive in the morning and those who get energetic in the afternoon. If your manager allows so, set your personal working hours. Always perform the most difficult and time – consuming responsibilities at that time when you feel in a top form. Prolonging and postponing the unpleasant tasks won’t do you a good favor.
  • Before leaving the office take your time and make a list of all the things you have to do the next day. It will enable you to go straight to the work instead of wasting time and getting distracted while planning the daily activities.
  • If you are the only one within the household who really cares about cleanliness and neatness, it’s time for changes. Ask your spouse or your kids help you do the weekly cleaning. Throwing the rubbish and wiping down the computer screen are easy cleaning procedures that can be performed by everyone. They don’t take more than 10 minutes but when you have to do everything on your own, every minute counts. However, when divided by PerfectCleaning, house chores take much less time.
  • Even if you are really busy, don’t forget your friends and family. They can help you overcome the stress you are exposed to. Sharing your issues and concerns with your closest ones and spending some time outdoors will greatly improve your mood and reduce the anxiety.
  • Minimize the time you spend in front of the computer. Don’t you think that there are much more enjoyable activities than spending the evening browsing in the social networks and reading nonsense? If you want to use them anyway, set up a meeting with friends, read the latest book of your favorite author, listen to your favorite music.
  • Find some time to workout. Concentrating on the proper performance of the exercise will help you be fit and forget about the daily worries for a while. However, if you don’t have to go to the gym sporadically. Set two or three days of the week when you can go and do some training and stick to your new schedule.It is never too late to start all over, rearrange and prioritize your goals. There is time for everything you want to do and you can undoubtedly find the happy medium between work, family and fun.

chuckdean About the Author:
Chuck Dean is a business owner and loves to read self-improvement blogs that would suite his lifestyle.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

“Be Yourself”

How many times have we heard that phrase? How many articles have we read reminding us to just be ourselves? Just like in my previous article, Why We Liked the Movie Frozen and the Song “Let It Go”, we have emphasized the importance of accepting our true self.

But the question is, how would you know if you are really becoming yourself?

As I assess myself with that question, I also came up with a series of questions that I wish to reflect on.(You can ask the same question to yourself)

How do you act when you are with the people who you are most comfortable with?Do you smile a lot when you are with them? Do you laugh a lot?
Do you instill kindness to them even if they can’t return the favor back?
When are you most comfortable? At home? Alone? With your family? friends?
During those times, how do you feel?  and can you reminisce  on what exactly do you feel like?

In most times when I remember how I am with my family (the people I am most comfortable with) I feel free. I know that no matter how I look like, they will still love me.

I am at peace.
I don’t feel inferior.
I don’t feel awkward.
I don’t feel intimidated.
I feel comfortable.
I smile a lot.
Whatever I have wouldn’t matter because I am just being myself.

When you are being yourself, other people’s opinion wouldn’t matter as well because you don’t need to pattern “yourself” base from what they want.

You are who you are because it is what is in your heart.
You were doing things not because you were told to but because that is exactly what you want to do.
You’d go to places not because you were summoned to go there but because that is exactly the same spot that you want to be.

Why should I let him decide how I’m going to act? – How to Take Charge, Reader’s Digest, 1981 Edition

You’d do act of kindness not because other people are observing you but because you genuinely want to help and be a good person.
You’d still be polite even without expecting a polite response because that is who you are.

When you are acting instead of reacting, then, you are becoming yourself.

How do you act towards someone who wouldn’t smile back to you? Do you keep on smiling anyway?
Do you try to out-stand someone who is an airhead? Do you reply with arrogance if that is the case?
Do you act a certain way because you are the boss?

Well, if you act base on your status, base on the amount of money that you have, base from your position or whatever it is that you have above others, then, you are not becoming yourself because you base your actions from anything aside from what is in your heart – money, power, position, other people’s reaction towards you, etc.

Becoming yourself means having that humility and the courage to let people see through you. Anything less or more could mean, you are becoming someone else.

fear, intimidation, inferior        YOURSELF       over-confidence, arrogance
Self – Esteem
You have the courage of humble confidence

So, how do you become your true self?

When you continue to do good deeds without expecting anything in return.

When you are acting instead of reacting. Most of the time, you do things as a reaction to other people’s words and actions instead of you, doing the things that your heart really desires.

When you start to say “NO” and value what you want and what you don’t want.

Never be intimidated. Look others directly in the eye, be sincere, speak from your heart and by then, not only can you find your true self but also, peace of mind.

You can shine bright like a diamond.

Be yourself. You are not born to be mediocre. You are born to stand out. Embrace it.

The Sweetest Vengeance

We all get hurt. People will come and go, others wouldn’t like you, you’ll get a broken heart and endless reasons to feel down and discouraged. Every single day can be a challenge for you to be happy and feel good.

But have you ever thought of getting back to those people who wronged you?

There is one sweet vengeance that I can recommend – A happy smile in a better you.

If someone has hurt you. Kill yourself – kill your old self and replace it with someone better that you were. Start creating a new you.

They say , ” The most painful events in one’s life, makes the biggest change.”

Changing yourself into the best person that you can be will be the biggest revenge that you can ever have. People will try to steal your smile on your face but don’t let them win. Let them be beaten by their own guilt and just get up, do your thing and be happy.

Always remember, Misery loves company. If someone makes you feel miserable, it means they are miserable themselves and they just needed a companion to be like them as well. So spare them. Never go down to their level and be the “you” that you had always been. Just let karma do its job. What goes around comes around.