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Hitting a Plateau?

Who among you felt like plateauing in life? What is a Plateau? It’s when you thought you have nothing more to offer. When you thought that you’ve got all that you want and you cease to grow because you were at “that” stage when you have gotten what you’ve dreamed of. This is one of… Read More Hitting a Plateau?

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Confidence Too, Must Be Practiced

When talking in front of people is your job,  they’d always think you were confident all the time; that you never shake in front of them or you never felt scared. Some of them would also think that it’s all natural for you. Maybe for some, but definitely not for all. Shaking voice, mental block,… Read More Confidence Too, Must Be Practiced

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Guest Post: Improve Your Daily Schedule

Are you among these people who are constantly complaining that they are too pressed for time and therefore unable to run all the errands they are supposed to during the day. Don’t you think that improving your schedule, making it more flexible and easy to follow can greatly improve your ability to cope with all… Read More Guest Post: Improve Your Daily Schedule

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Be Yourself

“Be Yourself” How many times have we heard that phrase? How many articles have we read reminding us to just be ourselves? Just like in my previous article, Why We Liked the Movie Frozen and the Song “Let It Go”, we have emphasized the importance of accepting our true self. But the question is, how… Read More Be Yourself

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The Sweetest Vengeance

We all get hurt. People will come and go, others wouldn’t like you, you’ll get a broken heart and endless reasons to feel down and discouraged. Every single day can be a challenge for you to be happy and feel good. But have you ever thought of getting back to those people who wronged you? There… Read More The Sweetest Vengeance