The Sweetest Vengeance

We all get hurt. People will come and go, others wouldn’t like you, you’ll get a broken heart and endless reasons to feel down and discouraged. Every single day can be a challenge for you to be happy and feel good.

But have you ever thought of getting back to those people who wronged you?

There is one sweet vengeance that I can recommend – A happy smile in a better you.

If someone has hurt you. Kill yourself – kill your old self and replace it with someone better that you were. Start creating a new you.

They say , ” The most painful events in one’s life, makes the biggest change.”

Changing yourself into the best person that you can be will be the biggest revenge that you can ever have. People will try to steal your smile on your face but don’t let them win. Let them be beaten by their own guilt and just get up, do your thing and be happy.

Always remember, Misery loves company. If someone makes you feel miserable, it means they are miserable themselves and they just needed a companion to be like them as well. So spare them. Never go down to their level and be the “you” that you had always been. Just let karma do its job. What goes around comes around.

Bored? How to Spice Up Your New Year!

Have you ever thought that there is nothing meaningful happening in your life right now? You go to work everyday, go home, go out with friends, splurge your money on “something” that you thought as worthwhile but actually isn’t? Is it becoming a routine lifestyle for you?

Well, it’s time to spice up your life a little bit and start doing something(s) valuable to make your next year more relevant and more memorable.

1. Budget Your Money

Of course, creating an exciting life needs some cash-outs but, make sure that you go out and explore according to your budget. Never go beyond your means. Don’t forget to live a “life” but make sure not to overdo it. Anything “more or less” isn’t good. It can also be challenging to organize an activity in a tight budget.

2. Get a Part Time Job that You Love. Or Discover Your Passion and Work on It.

Let’s face it! Most are working too hard on a job that isn’t really appealing and isn’t what you really wanted to do in your life. This is because of bad choices when younger or it just so happen that your current job is making you feel old and stressed out. Find what you really love to do and find time to pursue it. You need not to quite your job unless you find your passion as a stable source of income for you and your family. Quitting your job to pursue your passion needs to be planned very carefully. This shouldn’t be an over night decision.

3. Exercise, Loose Weight or Challenge Yourself (Set A Goal for Yourself)

If you think you are starting to become a couch potato for sometime and flabs are starting to form in your belly, start working out. Give yourself a 30 day challenge and set a desirable weight to reach. Plan your everyday diet and make sure to create a goal. This must be SMART (specific, measurable,attainable, realistic and time-bound).

4. Study Again

This doesn’t need to be top-notch like taking a Mater’s degree (but if you have enough resources, why not?) or a PHD. A simple seminar about some topics that you find interesting can do; like cooking classes, dance class, driving a car etc. etc. You can also find some tutorial in the web or some conferences that is related to your job which you can be used as your credentials.

5. Volunteer

You can volunteer in a different way. Some allot their time in the church as choirs or lector, in helping out with the sick or find time to go to orphanage or home for the aged and help the nurses take care of them. Can also consider volunteering in medical missions such as in Red Cross. Aside from expanding your connection, this can be very fulfilling as well.

6. Travel

If budget permits, do not contain yourself in your workplace or houses all the time. Find time to go out-of-town with your love ones and explore new places and people with them. You’ll never know, you can find new opportunities somewhere.

You don’t have to do everything; just choose something that will suit number 1. (sticking to your budget) and you are all set. Make your 2014 more memorable than your 2013. 

Have a memorable NEW YEAR AHEAD guys! Will see you in 2014!
**This will be my year-end blog posts**

The Past Will Be Past or Else, Be Stagnant

Keep going. We may have been down for a number of times, we may have had a number of wrong decisions in the past or mistakes that we cannot undo but, those misfortunes are endless. And let’s face the fact that we cannot change it.

The past is the past and we have nothing to do with it.

Nevertheless, try to dwell on it more than what is necessary and you can find yourself stuck. STAGNANT.

2 years

3 years

5 years

or even 10

Some people dwell on their problems that long without finding a solution.

How long would like to dwell on your problems and be stuck and waste your precious time?

Life will always be short and you never know, you are already running out of time.

If you have been disappointed at the age 20 and you never get up from that fall, someday, you will wake up thinking of how “stagnant” your life has been. If you dwell on it for 10 years, you will wake up one day during your 30th birthday regretting the last 10 years of your life because of those unresolved issues.

Whereas, moving on will always be an option. It will never be too late to start again. Better be late than regret not doing anything at all.

We are the only creator of our future. Our destiny depends on our attitude towards downfall. If we chose never to stand up again, then, we are clearly choosing suffering over happiness and success.

Sometimes, we need to declutter and organize our life to free ourselves from negativity. Decluttering our mind by forgetting about the past could be a good start for a brighter future.

Whatever age you are, it will never be late as long as you start it from NOW. Our present will always determine our future.

Get up and Move forward.

Be Not Afraid to Go Back To Zero

 Like a ball, be not afraid to kiss the ground again, so you can bounce back much higher than your first leap.

Be Not Afraid to Go Back To Zero

 Like a ball, be not afraid to kiss the ground again, so you can bounce back much higher than your first leap.