An Open Letter to Critics

Go. Criticize me all you want.
Throw stones at me all you like.
I’d rather be wrong and find out I am, rather than believing that I am living a lie – a world of make-believe, where everything seems to be perfect.

Go and find fault in me because that is the only way I know that can help me improve.
Go. Look at me like I am the most stupid person in this world;
Blame me for all the things they did wrong because that is the only way I can protect them from incompetence and lack of empathy.

Go. Because that is what we are good at – pointing fingers.
Go and let me learn from every pitfall I’d find myself fallen into.
Find me at fault to every negligence, when it was the lack of strategy that’s causing every missed opportunity.
Go and give me all the knock-outs now.

Sometimes, we need to learn the hard way and only the strong and the mighty can accept that truth.

“Some people will always throw stones in your path. It depends on you what you make with them, Wall or Bridge? Remember you are the architect of your life.” – Anonymous

You can blame me all you want but you will never see me cry.
I will never apologize because I’ve poured my heart and soul to everything that I do.
If that is not enough for you, you have two choices:
Keep me and keep up with me, until I finally learned from my mistakes or
Let me go.
Either way, it’ll never be my loss, because I am used to starting from scratch and bouncing back to life over and over again.

To those who will and who had criticized me, thank you because
You’ve made me stronger by breaking my heart.

Is Duterte Our Generation’s Version of Heneral Luna?

It has been weeks since I’ve been attempting to write a review about this film, Heneral Luna however, one writer from Rappler sums up the exact feelings I have had about this film.

We shared the same sentiments about the said movie especially when it was revealed that it’ll be the Philippines’ entry in one of the most sought after international award-giving body for movies; It’s both shame and pride that sounds like, “Why are we gonna show the whole world our dirty laundry? Will it do any good for us? Will it be our pride or would it be humiliating?”. You’d be torn between applauding and hibernating.

But then, I thought, so what now? We should be “awaken” by this film, but the question there is, “Are we”?

Yes, at the moment, it has gained its 180M mark and Gregorio Del Pilar’s time to shine is in the pipe line. But, What now?

Does that stop on us, posting our nationalistic self in all our social media account? Is this all about making a high caliber movie or is there something more to this? It may just be a fiction movie that was based from facts, but what if, there is a hidden message within, that wants us to realize? What if, this movie wants us to be fully aware of what went wrong and to re-live that moment, when one “Heneral Luna” was there to fight for us?

What if, this movie would want us, the new Filipino generation to change what was written in the history books, so as not to say, “History repeats itself?”. Yes, Filipinos of yesterday, instead of fighting with him, they killed him, stabbed him to death and fired gun on him. What if, right at this moment, we were given a chance to change what had happened before and create a much better future ahead of us?

What if, this generation’s Heneral Luna is disguising to be a Davaoeño Mayor who is known with the same courage, heart and mind as Antonio Luna? Are you gonna give this country a chance?

Do you think, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte from Davao qualifies to be our new generation’s Heneral Luna? But, this time, are we gonna kill him and our hopes, just like what we did before?

What’s your thoughts? Think about it.

Life in 4 Sentences

I’ve posted this excerpt from the book, Stupid is Forevermore by Miriam Defensor Santiago in all my social media accounts and I still can’t get over its meaning – it sums up what life is.

1. The Adventure of Life is to Learn
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After school,  you thought you were done with learning. Never did I thought that it will be that one thing that will fuel me to be motivated and keep the fire burning. It’s when you know that everyday, you will be learning something new that will keep you interested in life.

It’s when you know that life can never be summed up with the money that you have and the luxury that you are getting. That life, in order to be fun, you have to discover something new and you have to continuously learn from it.

2. The Nature of Life is to Change
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Getting through change  is a challenge but then, once you get comfortable being uncomfortable, it’ll be like swaying in the wind where you’d just go with the flow. Changing ones routine can be very difficult at first but it’s life’s nature. We just need to deal with it.

3. The Purpose of Life is to Grow
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They say, when you have your feet on the ground despite what you have accomplished, it’s when you know that you are growing.

When you have anchored your values no matter where you go, whoever you’d become, you know you are at the right track.

4. The Challenge of Life is to Overcome
From the start of the adventure, changes and growing up, those are the challenges that you have to overcome. just as what the poem “Don’t Quit” said, “Rest if you must but don’t you quit.”  

Who would have thought that life can be summed up in just 4 sentences? or even 4 words?
Powerful words we should never forget: Learn, Change, Grow and Overcome

Getting Back on Track

After last year’s blast, I thought I’d never feel lost again. I thought I’ve conquered myself enough and thus, when I felt the same emptiness at the start of this year, I was at lost too and asked, “Why, Again?”. I got myself to tears and I would pray the same lines I did 5 years ago
I thought I was done with it.

I have goals everyday, I’d still get excited to go to work but then, there is something missing that I can’t explain.


The same written words I told myself last year and I thought I lost it again. I realize when you lose that focus, you will lose your direction as well. You’d be in limbo; in crossroads and you don’t know where to go and you’d wander.

And that’s what I discovered. That every time I’d feel lost, I have to focus on what I want rather than contemplating on the past and thinking of some things I don’t have any control.

Life is like a Ferris wheel as they say. Sometimes, you’d see the overview of things underneath but there are times, you have to look up and see what’s happening above you and try to reach the top again. I realize that I should never stop dreaming and aim for the best. Because if I stop, I’d just go back to the same old me that I never wanted to be anymore. There should never be complacency and we are not destined to realize everything. That’s what surprises are for. 

I think at some point, I would still go back to that same old feeling of emptiness but one must always remember the power of focus for us to get back on track.

Choosing Happiness

I choose happinessHow many times have we heard this phrase, “happiness is a choice.” in every self-help books we read and every inspirational Youtube video you watch online. But how do you really choose happiness? And when do you NOT choose happiness?

You know you aren’t choosing happiness if you succumb to depression. If you say you don’t have enough, if you compare your life to others and you aren’t satisfied with what you have.

You know you are not choosing happiness if all you do is complain about how your life is going – you have no job, your work environment is not healthy, you don’t have enough money, your sister is much prettier, your brother achieved more than you do, your best friend has a new car and you describe your life as miserable.

You know you are not choosing happiness if you feel like you have not followed what you really want to do in your life.

You know you are not choosing happiness if you are single and you loathe yourself thinking you don’t deserve to be loved.

Happiness is a choice but how do you choose happiness given these circumstances that you have right now?

Before going to our “how” we must know the “why” first and this is what you should always think about if you started to feel unhappy.
So, first and foremost, answer this question, “Why do you want to be happy?”

My answer to that question is, “Who doesn’t?”

You may think you were choosing happiness but unfortunately, happiness does not want to be with you.
Well, try to look at yourself in another perspective and answer this question.

“Are you happy?”

If you have any hesitations while answering it, you are definitely not choosing happiness. For sure, you succumb yourself to your problems – at home, in school, at work, with your friends, with money matters, relationship and other aspect of your life.

So ask your self again, “Are you happy?” And reiterate that “Happiness is a choice.”

But, how do we choose happiness?

1. Smile… 🙂 though your heart is aching

Our body movements may indirectly affect our mood. It’s one of the tricks I have tried and tested several times and will always work. Smile in the midst of a problem and you’ll find your moral uplifted in an instant. Cry once in a while but when you are out, give your smile to the world.

2. Talk to Yourself

Of course, not in public. You don’t want your office mates/ friends to freak out.
Every morning, when you get up, talk to yourself and motivate yourself that this will be a great day. By the end of the day, let go of the things you have no control over with.

Motivation and Letting Go

Always see the bright side of every dark situation. As what they say, fake it ’till you make it – yes, it’s applicable to happiness too.
Treat every problem as an opportunity to shine.

3. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

This is one of the happiness killers in the world – envy and greed. You don’t need validation from anybody. They may have the things that you don’t have but they may also not have the things that you have. What they post online is not their true self. It’s the best that they can offer the world. Everybody has problems and no one is spared of any inconvenience and misfortunes. You are just not aware of it.

Our world comprises of endless problems yet, we need not to dwell on all of it. Stick with your guns and instead of complaining about how your life is going, start finding ways to solve it – one problem at a time.

4. Find Yourself

Know what you want and the desires of your heart. Focus on it. This may sound cliche but surely, it will work – soul searching. Go somewhere, enjoy  your own company. Know what your deepest insecurities are and start accepting every single one of it. Nobody will love you like the way you love yourself.

5. Be Grateful

No matter how scarce your resources are, be thankful for it. Be grateful that you were given the chance to see the beauty of the world. Train yourself to celebrate the ordinary things because the extra ordinary things can take care of itself. 

Smile, get up, dress up and look for something to be thankful for. This will surely make you choose your own happiness. Tell me other ways of choosing happiness. 🙂 Happy Sunday all!