What is Mini Travelling?

Again, as I’ve mentioned a number of times in this blog, I’ve never been a travel buff but travelling in places I’ve never been, even if it’ll just be within my proximity, is my thing. Mini Travelling as I’d say.

What is Mini Travelling? Well, this is not something globally known or internationally used. It’s how I coined my personal small tours in cities nearby. Something that others might not even consider as “travelling”.

Travelling for me, in the past consists of an airfare, bus fare or any cruise along. It has to be extravagant for me to call it, as “travelling”. Thus, the term travelling had it’s limits in my head. Never have I thought that travelling can be of different perspective, too.

When I started blogging about restaurants in 2012, I didn’t consider it as travelling because most of the time, since I live near Taguig (before) and most of the food stop that I blog about are just within BGC (Bonifacio Global City) or Market! Market! area, I thought, it’s more of a food blogging thing. Yes, it is.. But thinking about how it has been, those are my “mini travels”.

What are my mini travel essentials?


Again, this has nothing to do with luxury camera, iPhones or you being a professional photographer. All you need is a camera phone that can capture those picturesque moments. A post in your social media account is optional. Well personally, my mini travels are more of an intimate thing I do with myself so, a post in the social media might be a no-no for me (sometimes though, I break that rule of mine). I’ll usually wait and post it in my blog when I got home. Makes me savor the moment.

Comfortable Travel Shoes

I’m a rubber shoes kind of girl. Sometimes, sneakers or ballet shoes, too. More than the style, it’s the comfort I’d go for. Boots can also be of a great alternative, like the ones made by Caterpillar. It’s known for durable work boots, Caterpillar is available online at ZALORA Philippines.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Bette Midler

Travel Bag

A body bag, shoulder bag or a back pack will do for me. As long as I have these inside: my wallet (of course with money and my cards), umbrella, toothbrush and tooth paste, wet wipes or tissue papers, cologne, house keys, notebook, pens and a good book.

My Valiant Self

I don’t have a car and I don’t know how to drive. Thus, I have to be courageous enough to ride a bus, ask strangers about stuff or even ride a taxi. It’s also a nightmare to commute, especially for areas that you are not familiar with. It takes a lot of strength to ask people some directions without looking so dumb, so you won’t be taken advantage of, especially for girl travelers.

My advice will still be: keep a safe travel. Just like travelling to other countries, safety is still the number one priority. You need to take care of yourself and at the same time, do not limit yourself to distant travelling (out of town or country). Try to see great places in your area and explore it. You’ll never know who you’ll bump into and friends that you may gain in the future, that may want to explore your city. Explore it first, so you have something to share, if they want to visit you.

Mini Travelling need not to be expensive too. (Since it’ll just be within your area, then a good amount of money is not a must). It’s more of the time, you give yourself. You can also bring your own book and travel inside your mind. Write and reflect about your life while you explore the place and just be it. Mini travel is also a good bonding time with your love ones. Look for activities that you can enjoy and don’t forget to take pictures. It’s the memories that you create that counts.

What are you waiting for? Search for those fun stuff to do within 10 miles from your place and for sure, you’ll find something worthwhile. 🙂

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