Movie Suggestion: The Internship

During one of our meeting with our client, this movie just pop out of our conversation and though it wasn’t directly recommended, it got me interested – the movie, The Internship

My reflective thinking was nudged throughout the film and made me think about my previous teams, friends I gathered while working and people I’ve met along the way. Because of the nature of my work, at some point, I know I have met Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) already in an industry compose of young, vibrant and competitive newbies and I have observed first hand the struggles of these old souls who want to join an industry of a new generation.

This movie is about working as a team which our new generation sometimes tend to forget at times, because they are so used to working in front of their computers thinking that personal interaction is less important. This movie is about change, facing fears, adversity, tenacity, persistence and resiliency.

Everyone of us must have faced that time when you were down and you just don’t know where would life bring you and because of the never-ending changes that you see around you, you tend to be scared and not take the leap of faith.

A movie about bringing up the best in every situation – in good times and in bad.

It’s about two undergrad ex-salesmen who dared to apply as an intern in one of the most sought after company in the United Sates – Google. These two men were old enough to be daddies compared with the other interns. They decided to enter this new world when their company was bankrupt and they badly needed a new job. Because of their courage to try something different, they got the chance to have an On the Job Training in the said company, surrounded by tech savvy newly grads.

As the challenges arise, their positive thinking and motivation separated them from the rest of the group and made me remember this line about attitude. “It is the attitude not the aptitude that really counts.”

As a trainer, if I’d be given the chance to recommend one movie to my class, this will be my best bet because for sure, the inner team player and leader will surely come out of my trainees and they’d be surely be motivated.