Dearest Heart,

dear heartDearest Heart,

I don’t know how to start this letter for you. Maybe because I know that you are vulnerable and I am afraid that I can hurt you – even more. I can’t bear to do that, because I know you had been broken a number of times.

I’ve seen you flourish and mature over time nevertheless, I’ve always seen you tear into pieces time after time.

Aren’t you getting tired of giving your all and in the end, you’d be broken and be left behind?
Why do you always trust like you’ve never been betrayed before?
Where do you get that courage to love all the way like you’ve never been hurt?
How come you still fight for something you are not even sure of?
How do you manage to stay when they have left you all alone?

Heart, why aren’t you listening to me every time I’d say no?
Why do you insist on doing or saying something even if I told you not to?
Why do you keep on beating for the wrong reasons?
When are you going to value yourself?
When are you going to know that you too, are important?

What enrages me right now, is that, you are getting used to defeat.
You confuses me too – most of the time.
You’d get scared and back off. But then, you’d feel bad after.
You’d wish you had not done what you did.

You too are inconsistent.
Heart, please learn to decide what is best for you.
If you are ready, then be it.
If you’re not, wait until you are.

Being with someone isn’t prerequisite to being happy.
Sometimes, it’s ok to back off if you know you are scared to be involved.

But please, don’t just hope forever.
Always remember, if that person doesn’t want to be with you right now,
it’s not about you. It’s about them,
who can’t see your true beauty.

Heart, please remember, someone will save you from these shit.

Someday, you’ll meet him. At the right place. At the right time.

From someone that truly cares