Disappointments in Disguise

Why Shouldn’t We Expect For More

That was an article I wrote a few months back. Mostly dwelled about the difference of expectations and hope.

But today, not only will I delete “expecting for more” but I want to languish expectations wholly in my mind. As they’d always say and have proven as well,

Expectations are disappointments in disguise.

I want to stop expecting anything from anyone anymore – including myself. I already stopped expecting myself to do things I am not good at and at the same time, stopped pushing myself too much. I’d realize that what matters most is doing my very best in everything that I do. Be the BEST that I can be, giving my whole self to every situation and if that “Best” me isn’t enough to other people, it’ll never be my loss anymore.

In dealing with others, I don’t like to expect that they can be someone else and can be that someone I picture in my head. I have to start accepting, that every person is different. There can be similarities, but everyone is unique in their own way.

Expectations spoil surprises.

Some doesn’t like surprises because it can caught them off guard. But those little things can make you smile more and appreciate that very moment – surprise phone call, messages, greetings, gifts, notes; who wouldn’t love them?

Expectations on the other hand, let you create an imaginary situation that may either make you feel good (sometimes) in the end, but most of the time, can disappoint you.

Start looking at yourself the way it is, improve yourself everyday. If you notice something is wrong about you, try to work on it and do not try to become someone else other than who you really are. Appreciate the moment, the people you are with and start living in the present. Give every situation a fresh look and try to peek in a different perspective without prejudice and without expectation.

Life can be so much easier! (and happier!)