Treat Yourself

Sometimes in this busy world, we are always in the middle of a meeting, doing “this”, doing “that”; never ending deadlines and workloads.

When was the last time have you sat down, saw the world just pass you by and just relax?

Sometimes, treating myself means putting a halt to my rushed mornings and busy nights.

Sometimes, it doesn’t mean going out of town, drinking or hanging out with friends. Sometimes, it only means oversleeping, coffee time with a good book in hand, a time to just roam around and feel the morning breeze.

Sometimes, a treat would mean silence, ruminate about my life and reflect.

To others, treating means new bag, shoes, dress, which I also do sometimes, travelling with family or friends or buying themselves a new gadget.

Though those are good ways to treat and pamper yourself, connecting with my own self is still the best treat I can give to myself. It makes me aware of how my life has been and let me see things clearly. It also allow me to plan and build my next days to come.

By any means, try to have a break and just relax. Everyone need some time to breathe. Treat Yourself.