Be Fearless to Commit Mistakes

Erase your mistakes

Because of our fear to commit mistakes, we tend to stay on the safe side of the road. We’d rather be at the gutter and be safe, than cross the road and discover what is in the other side of the world.

This being “safe” isn’t only about the fear of the unknown but also the fear of committing something that we can not control.

We could also be afraid of criticisms and what would other people perceive about us.

I had always admired bold and daring people because they have the guts to just be themselves in front of other people regardless of what others might think about them. They are so secure that even hurtful comments wouldn’t matter to them, as if they are invincible.

Sometimes, this fear can also equate to inactivity. We’d rather do nothing than risk the chance of being heard and making a difference because of this fear of committing mistakes.

Mistakes could also mean failure. Aside from public humiliation, personal disappointments and frustrations, failure because of your mistakes, could be very disheartening too. That’s why it’s very understandable that we would really fear committing one.

Nevertheless, failure can never be fatal. We can always move on from it every time and at the same time, we move on with accompanying new lessons and learning from that experience.

As long as you have anchored your values and you always do things according to what you think is right, then failing may be very difficult as first but you can always move forward and start all over again.

They say there are 3 ways to learn:
1. Through Books and School
Where the Do’s and Don’ts are presented to you the traditional way.

2. Through Other People’s Experiences/ Mistakes
You’d be inspired by how other people manage their lives and of course, you can learn from them.

3. Through Your Own Experiences/ Mistakes
This is the most difficult but this will give you your most valued learning. This will have the best impact in your life and will allow you to learn big time.

That’s why no matter how your books and your school will try to teach you, experience will always be your best teacher.