What is a Leader?

Team leader

A few months back, my team leader with my whole team had a few leadership discussion and his first question for us was, “What is a Leader?”

My team mates had their own version of what a leader is.
But, here is what I said,

“A leader is someone who dares to be different and knows how to see the bigger picture.”

Right then, it sounded insufficient and made me mull over my complete definition of what a true leader is.

Yes, a leader must dare to be different because he has to make a difference. But, on the other hand, he didn’t specified his question. He could have asked, “What are the qualities of a good leader?” Because, as I ruminate about his question, it made me realize that there are two types of leaders: A good leader and a bad leader.

So, here is my complete answer to that question.

“A leader dares to be different, has a heart to serve, can speak their minds, can pour their heart out in whatever they do and has the ability to see the total picture of any situation; from different angles and perspectives.”

Have you notice the repetitive words from that phrase? The words: different and heart.

Both good and bad leaders can be different but what separates the two is a heart. A good leader works from the heart and a good leader has a heart to serve his people.