Work-Life Balance

Who isn’t having some problem in keeping the balance between work and having a life?
Without work and life harmony, you will easily be stressed out which can definitely affect your performance at work and your personal relationships as well.
Work Life Balance with fun an playI may not be considered as the perfect person to give such advice but, here is how I manage to balance the two. So far, it’s doing well on me (in times when I feel so stressed out) and so, I’d like to share these to you guys.
1. Know Your Priorities
Always remember to know what is the most important things in your life. What makes you alive and what should take most of your time. From there you can pattern your weekly schedule.
2. Do Your Weekly Schedule – AND STICK WITH IT 
The schedule wouldn’t make sense if you are not following it; unless there would be any emergency, you must stick with it. Remember to plan out-of-town trips and other activities as well. Not only can it save you a lot of money, but can also help you manage your time as well. Schedule “personal day off” or vacation leave from work so you can de-stress and find time for yourself as well.
3. Don’t Forget Yourself
Though you have priorities, never ever forget to have some time for yourself. You can do so by pursuing a hobby or any activity that you are passionate about. Allot one or two hours in a day for that. For me, having an alone time makes me feel connected with myself. When I’m doing things I really like, I feel like recharging and after that, I’m ready to face the world again.
4. Know Your Passion
Keeping up with your passionate self can help you feel fulfilled and much more relaxed. Most people aren’t lucky enough to have a job that is in line with what they really want to do. If that is the case, make sure to find time for it. If you haven’t found it as well, keep looking. Never get tired. Try all things that interest you and don’t give up.
“Happiness without passion is temporary because nothing can make it last.” – The Luck One by Nicholas Sparks.
If passion is there, even if you got tired (physically exhausted), at the end of the day, you feel more fulfilled and more productive.  That passion will fuel you up and will keep you going.
5. Keep your Support Team

These are the people who’d always believed in you. They are the people who love you despite of your imperfections. Always find time for them. Do not forget about them – both in happy times and the not-so-happy times.

Making them part of your life doesn’t only make you feel loved but they can also feel that they are important to you.

Physical connection can also decrease some stress in you. A simple hug from someone you love can really make a difference.

6. Always Keep a Positive Mind
In a negative situation, always remember to focus on the brighter side of things.
If you get hurt, it only means you have to learn something new. You must try to seek that “lesson” that life wanted you to realize.

7. Don’t Underestimate the Smallest Problems
Big issue/s comes from smallest misunderstandings that eventually piled up. If you can resolve issue from the slightest and the most irrelevant matter, the better; instead of just ignoring it.

Small negative stuff must be shooed away as much as possible. On the other hand,  don’t make things a “big deal” if they actually aren’t. Sometimes, people can say things out of their temporary feelings because we are emotional beings. What they feel today might be different tomorrow. Don’t make an issue about something that is irrelevant.

8. Don’t forget to Dream
Aside from staying connected with your passion, your dream can also be a good motivator for you to keep going and enjoying your work.

If you haven’t created a goal for the next year, I suggest you must have at least one every month. And once you target it, reward yourself. You’ll never know, those small goals can lead to big ones. Remember, you reap what you sow.

9. Get out and Unwind
 Don’t forget to get out and spend time outside your usual routine. Try to discover new places in your area or even in other places. It doesn’t need to be costly. Be sure to plan it ahead of time within your budget. Never go beyond your means. Just go out and have fun. Be with the people you are most comfortable with because it’ll be more memorable.

10. Never Loose Your Connection With Your Supreme Being
Keeping your faith intact will make you feel more secure and because of this faith, you know at the bottom of your heart, you can surpass any problem that will come your way.

In keeping a work-life balance you must make sure to tap every aspect of your life: physical (health), emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social (and any other that comes to your mind). It’s all about juggling it the right way. Sometimes, if you feel bombarded with a lot of stuff, remember to pause for awhile and look at things in a different angle. Try to examine the situation and look at the bigger picture. Pause and reflect. Sometimes, all you need is just a breath of fresh air.

The last one and the most important: Never ever forget your connection with your true self.

iamtwixietops ツ