Magnifying glass with focusAfter  dreaming of finding my Sasha Fierce, I’ve thought of the “how’s” and did some action plans.
Number one on my list is FOCUS.
Focus with the things that are most important in my life.
If you are a blogger, it is imperative to have your social networking sites open and public. It generates readership and allows you to be part of the “circulation.”
But, in my perspective and might be contradicting, having one really diverts my focus on other non essential things. Not that I hate communicating with with friends, but somehow, I find it so time consuming. Time management must be the key and the most important part of it is: sticking with it – regardless.
So, in the next days, I will opt out of facebook but will keep my twitter account. I won’t delete the former but will definitely lessen my time on it. So, to my closest friends who still want to keep in touch with me, I have my email address scattered in the net and I’ve got the same number for the last 6 years so, you know what to do.
I vowed to get up, be more involved and be more focused! #wishmeluck