When It’s Over

They will make you fall but when you’ve finally fallen, they won’t catch you.  Very Unfortunate.

But what hurts the most in that situation is the lost of  trust that you have given to that person. It’s like you’ve lost an ally; a friend and one of the best friend that you’ve had.

Somehow, they (or sometimes you, yourself) turn into someone you don’t know and you were left broken. Broken into pieces without any slight idea on how to be whole again.

Tears try to sneak out at the corner of your eye but you brush it all out with your hands because you were somewhere out in the crowd – alone.

When it’s over, you’ve lost a part of you that you’ve learned to offer to that someone. 

“I let you see a part of me that weren’t all that pretty.” – Just Give Me a Reason (Pink)

You’d open up, you’ve trusted; thinking it’ll last for the rest of time. You’d also question what you did wrong and was it him/her who is at fault? Or was it the circumstances that risen between your hearts that should be blamed?

You try to re-examine the “why’s” of those situation wishing you could go back, hoping you could have done something differently from what you actually did. You keep asking, “What happen?” Kept looking for a miracle that  in a second, everything will make sense but unfortunately, it didn’t. Leaving you in the same old spot that you were.

When it’s over, you have no other choice but to move on.