Yes, It Would Hurt If You Say Sorry

I m So SorrySometimes, admitting that we hurt someone is essential for us to free ourselves from guilt and at the same time, can create a harmonious relationship with other people, especially with the people that we love.

However, sometimes, pride hinders us to accept that we also had some shortcomings. That ego that we have keeps us from doing what we ought to do if we wronged someone.

Say Sorry. Apologize.

However, saying sorry isn’t enough. It is only the start. Apologizing is good but without action and without the intention of refraining from doing it over and over again, it can be useless. It can just turn into a nonsense word.
Apologizing should come into three parts.

The word.
The courage.
The action.

Sincere apology starts from the word “sorry”
When you have wronged someone, after saying the right words, one should face and must have the courage to accept other person’s reaction.
They can slap you, curse you, hate you, get angry and you must be able to face it with utmost bravery because that could be the hardest part. People wouldn’t accept their mistakes because of this stage.
You can hear words you don’t want to hear, things you can’t bear to see and inappropriate actions of the other party.

Accepting those reactions is the most crucial.

But then, what completes the whole process is the change that you are willing to do, so as not to betray that other person’s trust on you again.
This may take time but is the most necessary.

It seals the apology and the key to forgiveness.

Yes, it would hurt if you say sorry. What will hurt you? Your ego and your pride. But it’s easier to lose those than lose the person that you love because of it.