Life is a One Big Mess-tery

Life is a mess with full of mystery on it.

One day after another, there will always be negative things that will happen to you, your friends and your loved ones. Relationship breaks, accidents here and there, diseases, sickness or just recently, natural calamity that will test your strength and your faith.

Do you think it’s just bad luck?

Maybe, but in reality, life is really unfair. It’s full of ups and downs and life’s disaster is everywhere. And no matter how much we try to accept it, it ain’t easy and will never be. Different emotions will flow unto you. You will get angry, frustrated, disappointed, you’d regret and sometimes, you’d feel contempt not only to the people around you but also to yourself. Emotional baggage will be there and sometimes, will even haunt you. Once in your life, you will feel one of those.

And when you’d feel them, you’d start to feel scared and lost somewhere without knowing where you are going.

But, what separates a pessimists from an optimist?

It’s about accepting that reality. That life will always give you a punch in the face, will try to trip you and will try to kick your ass. But, on the other note, accepting this will lessen the burden inside your heart and will give you the chance to look on the brighter side of things. Every trial in life is an opportunity to do good, be good to yourself and to others; will also be your chance to become a better version of yourself.

No one is born without any problem or else, you will probably be in a box right now-breathless.

“Disappointments are natural life occurrences. Their lifespan depends on how long they dominate your thoughts. The shorter… the better your life will be. “ – Dodinsky

If there is one poem that will consolidate my view about life, it will always be this poem. Desiderata. It’s Powerful. Read it and be moved. It may not make an impact as you read it the first time but when you try to study it phrase by phrase, you’d realize how it’s making sense.

Click to view the whole poem

Life is a one big mess but miracles still exist and we only need to believe it. That everything will fall on its proper place. Life maybe messy and you may be full of life challenges but in order to live, we must learn to pass these tests.

“Cry if you must but don’t you quit.” – Don’t Quit.

God created man in his own likeness. We are like God who are creators and inventors.

What should we create? We should create ourselves. We must make use of what He has provided us to become the person we are intended to be amidst life battles.

What kind of person am I created to be?

That is life’s mystery that we have to solve.