Movie Suggestion: 3 Idiots (Bollywood Film)

Yes, I have a thing for comedy film that’s why, my second movie suggestion in this blog would be another one that can make your belly ache because of laughing. But this time, it’s a Bollywood movie (movie from India) – 3 Idiots. I know this movie has been in the circulation since 2009 and I am so late. One of the reason why I didn’t watch it before is because of prejudice. I am not a fan of Bollywood movies and this is the only movie that I have watched so far. Though I have been hearing good reviews about it, I still didn’t gave it a try until I get the chance to watch it one time when I was absent from work. And I’m glad I did. It is more than the “comedy” reputation it has in the internet.

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More than the laughs it can give to its viewers, I gained a lot of lessons from this film about life which is the very reason why I am blogging this here.

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I have come up with 10 lessons I gained from this movie.

1. NEVER chase success, it will come naturally.

As long as you do what you love to do and you direct your life base from what you want it to be, it will come in a breeze.

2. Enjoy what you do

Though you are faced in circumstances when you don’t like what you do, always find a reason to enjoy it and always find the brighter side of the story.

3. If you are faced in a negative situation, remember, “All is well.”

Always be calm in whatever situation so, you can think better thus, can give you better judgement as well.

4. Learn to Accept Your Mistakes

Sometimes, you can be faced in a situation where it can lead you to a wrong decisions and sometimes, you have to accept that and move on.

5. You are NOT always RIGHT

This statement is for conceited people who always believe there is nothing wrong with them. There will be someone better than you. There will come a time when you can be defeated by someone and sometimes, all you have to do is accept it. Humility will always be a virtue.

6. Don’t settle for anything less

The best will always be in stored for you. Sometimes, you must only have to be patient and do what is right.

7. Life is a Not a pressure cooker

This for me is the best lesson in the movie. Sometimes, we pressure ourselves and others to do something that we are not comfortable just because it can be “good” in the eyes of others but at the bottom of our hearts, we actually don’t like what we do. Being too competitive can also create pressure in us that can affect  our work and our lives. For me, the only competitor that I  have is MYSELF. I must become a better version of myself every single day.

8. Marry “someone” and “something” you love not because you were told to

Need I explain this? “Someone” pertains to a person you truly love but the “something” pertains to the things you want to do in your life. Your career. Do something that you are passionate about. Be it approved by others or not. Their approval shouldn’t matter.

9. Fear will always hinder success

Personally, I am still combating fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the criticisms and fear of failure. That is what hinders me and the movie just like to reiterate that it will always block your success and your dreams.

10. Friends are friends. Period. No explanation necessary.

Friends will accept you for who you are, no matter how screwed up your life is. They will always be there to support you no matter what.

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Have fun watching. It’s a bit lengthy. Around 3 hours but will be worth it. ~!~