Appreciating Loss

Confused Lost Puzzled Signpost Royalty Free Stock Images - Image: 16903019Seeing how stubborn my sister is, made me think how stubborn I was back then. It’s like looking at my own self a few years back.

My sister’s age is 23 now. The same age I wasn’t so fulfilled despite of all the good things life had offered me. May not be top notched but, I should say, I’d rather be grateful for it.

Seeing her made me realize that quarter life crisis do exist.

What else can that be?

  • unfulfilled
  • ungrateful
  • feeling alone and old
  • the feeling you haven’t accomplished anything
  • you compare yourself to others
  • you are generally LOST (caution: this is a blog post from my personal blog and this is a rant post, overly dramatic and it has a big disclaimer that says: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)

You’re always miserable. You live in a drama filled world. It’s as if nothing can ease your soul and nothing can keep you at peace.

It’s like happiness and peace of mind is so out of reach and unattainable.

Without that urge to look for that “something” that is missing, you can’t be found in the end.

Because of that “eagerness” to find peace of mind and the moment I chose happiness, suddenly, solitude doesn’t seem to become a problem anymore and one by one everything started to make sense.

You started to appreciate the hurtful events in the past (and even in the present) because you realize that without those, you won’t be who you are today.

Without those crying moments, you won’t be a strong entity today.

Without getting lost, you can’t be found.

Who would have thought I’d be embracing those moments now?