Numbers Will Never Define Who You Are






All are numbers.

The bigger the paycheck, the more houses owned or the more cars owned, the better the economic status.

For women, the younger the age is, the more beautiful they are.

The better the score is or the grades you get, the more intelligent you are.

If you ranked first in any contest, you are the “champion” and you are the “winner”.

And if you don’t satisfy those numbers, you are on the loser’s end.

But, to tell you, these are all DOGMA. People are expected to accept that this is true without questioning it.

We were all bounded by these numbers and sometimes, the reason why it scares us to move forward.

But, those numbers will never define who you are.

You are more than the paycheck that you get.

You are more than your age.

You are more than your rank in our society.

These numbers are mere numbers who tries to steal away our own identity and let us believe into something that we are not.

Because of these numbers, we become vain or bitter.

It invites comparison that lead us to do things that doesn’t really define us as a person.

We envy, we get jealous, we look down and we become selfish.

These numbers never fail to make us feel proud or down.

“A lot of zero’s didn’t mean anything really, except for security.” – Jodi Picoult, Handle With Care

These numbers limit us. It cages us. We become its prisoner

It limits our own capabilities and thus we may feel bad, become stagnant or we forget to learn something new.

Do not let those numbers fool us to who we really are, get out of those boundaries and try to become who we should be no matter what it takes.

Don’t let any number put you down.