Depressed? Demotivated? Try These!

Your body language indirectly affects your emotions and your thoughts.

 So, if you feel depressed, you can do one thing to counteract that feeling.

Do happy things (or things that can make you happy) and start thinking of happy thoughts.

This is what I have learned from the book “The Art of Reading Minds” by Herik Fexus. That is why, every time I feel down or stressed out, I started to do “silly” things and do some of these just to keep the enthusiasm and keep the fire burning every single day.

1. Eat/Drink your comfort food

Figaro 3

Right now, I have three types of comfort drink and 2 types of comfort food.

Drinks: Hot or ice cold coffee, hot chocolate and yogurt drink.

Food: Bread and egg (or any dish with an egg) and Cereal with milk.

You don’t have to eat all your comfort food at the same time. Just eat or drink any that you feel like eating or drinking

What is yours?

2. Put on Your Earphones  and Listen to Music

But Make sure to get rid of those sentimental songs. Instead, listen to songs that can make you dance. (Do I need to give examples? :p)

3. If it’s not working, Remove your earphones and Get your speakers working.

If you are at home feeling unmotivated to go to work, try to turn on your music player and fill your house with “dancing” music. (Just loud enough not to disturb your neighbor). Listen to those catchy melodies as you shower and prepare yourself to work.


Just go with the music that you played. You don’t have to be a dancer so you can dance. Move your body left and right, front and back, sway your hips  and try my favorite type of dancing, “silly dancing” where you just do any step that you like. (The hell of who is watching.LOL)

5. Do some stretching or do 10 jumping jacks

A little stretching and more likely 10 jumping jacks (or more) can keep your blood flowing and just like dancing, can make you sweat thus, helps in releasing the “happy hormones” such as endorphins and serotonin, thus, can make you feel lighter and motivated after.

I hope it can help somehow. Remember, its all in the mind. ~!~ TGIF guys!