Make A Difference

“The smallest things can bring the biggest impact in your life.”

This clip isn’t only about loving your job or being creative. It’s also about making a difference.

That no matter how “small” your part is, or no matter how small you think you are in this world, somehow, in your own little way, you can change something in your life and as well as others’.

If you can’t change the world, at least change yourself. – Trixie Ricablanca

Yes, I quoted myself on that, because even if I’m just “no one” in this world, I still have my own voice and I am planning to change myself for the better.

May not come abruptly but, little by little, I can get to follow my dreams and just be happy.

Making a difference means having your own stand on different matter whether it be for big decisions or for small simple steps, as long as you have decided it with your own heart, and not go by, with what others think is right or wrong for you.

If you found yourself in the majority, try to rethink of where you stand. – Mark Twain

Yes, changing yourself can be tough. You can gather a lot of critics and even nemesis nevertheless, true friends, can flock to you and by becoming a better you , you can inspire others and you can affect their lives somehow.

Making a difference can make you stand out and be different from the rest. It can be difficult because a lot of people will not understand you and your chosen path.

But, just like Johnny, we must always be optimistic in every situation no matter how hopeless it may look like.

PS: I got that video from my trainer, Mitch. Thank you. 🙂