When to Know If You are Wasting Your Time

time 1. What You are Doing is Not Making you Happy.

Do I still need to elaborate on this?

Every time you do things against your own will is a wasted time. (Though sometimes, it can be a bitter taste of medicine on your part) A time spent doing “unhappy things” is not a time well spent.

2. You Can’t See the Purpose of What You Do.

Sometimes, you do things for just the sake of doing it without knowing the “why” behind it. (Though sometimes, this is where surprises come along). Its good if its fun or something adventurous and something that is out of your league or something that can boost something in your personality but doing things without any purpose (or discovering it after) is definitely useless. That’s why in everything you do, extract the “reason” or the “lesson” so in the end, you can’t perceive it as a waste of your precious time.

3. If you are Not Comfortable with the People you are with

Sometimes, it can leave you with no choice. But spending an outing with your most favorite people in the world is heaven, no matter how simple the gathering is.

4. You Felt Stranded or Stagnant

If you felt like what you are doing is becoming routinely and you felt like being stagnant or it feels like you need to change something, then right then at that moment you have acknowledged it, without putting an effort to change it, is already a time wasted.

5. When You are Procrastinating

In one way or another, everyone is guilty about this. Sometimes, we are unconsciously procrastinating because of never-ending “reasons” or better yet be labeled as “excuses” not to do things. Sometimes, we tend to “plan” things without being precise on when to do it or sometimes, laziness just starts to run in our system and in an instant: TIME WASTED.

Those are just a few in my list and I bet you have more in your list. Somehow, we must all be sensitive with our time because once we lost it, we can never turn it back.

How about you? When do you know if You are already wasting your time?