Friendship vs Courtship

Friendship or Courtship?
Which can be a better foundation of a relationship?
Longer courtship or stable friendship?

Of course, I also don’t know the answer. LOL Just like you, I’m also torn between the two however, I have my own side that you may or may not agree.

I’m no expert in love or in dating or any topic related to that and when it comes to topics like that, I always find it difficult to expound.

Anyhow, I want to start from this perspective: Being Friends.

Once a relationship started with friendship,  (hmm… slash that.) It’s really awkward to start a relationship when you are friends  It’s either one way or its just plain awkward.

Especially if you never really saw it coming. That in just a single romantic scenario or gesture, it can change how you see him or her.

You are torn between telling him/her about how you feel or just shut up and kid yourself that you are “just friends”.

On the other hand, if its two way and what you felt is reciprocated, it’ll be like heaven on earth. LOL. It can even be the happiest moment of your life.

You can be friends and lovers at the same time. (Lucky bitch, right? :p) You can face the world side by side and hand in hand.

When you had been friends before the relationship, you have objectively knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses without being illogical which is usually caused by the love hormones.

Being friends with your partner is very important for me, because if you know when to be a friend to him or her, it decreases the pressure on them and allows them to trust you more and be open with what they feel.

Courtship on the other hand is a bit passe for me. I mean the traditional courtship : chocolates, gifts, flowers (does it ring a bell? :p). Well, I believe that this “courtship” thing should be done after you two are already a couple.

What I hated about this also is the “best foot forward (BFF)” tendencies. It gave woman false hopes about the real personality of the guy. This BFF must be done when the two have agreed to be committed with each other.

Surprise flowers and chocolates at home after a long day at work from the person you love is far much better than receiving it from someone who is putting up a “good boy” face just to get you. (I’m not bitter, I’m just stating the truth ok? :p)

Nevertheless, whether you started out as friends or entered thru the traditional courtship  its still the sincerity of the two people involve that matters most.

It’s all about how both of you manage to work on your “happily ever after”.