Odd Man Out

For years, I strive to blend in and keep up with what the crowd wants. What is “in” and what is not.

I keep asking myself why do they like a particular song when I find it lame?
I did things because “they” will be happy instead of doing things for my own sake.
As what Oprah Winfrey said, its the “disease to please”.
Loving your own imperfection is not an easy thing to do. But, you must learn to accept the fact that we are different from each other.
And we must always know that we have a unique trait in us and we should always embrace it.
Comparing myself to others and underestimating my own strength is just a few of my greatest mistakes in my life and had a hard time to overcome.
I may still have the pang of insecurity in my blood but just like everyone else, I must get pass it.
As I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, I realized that I must “Be Trixie” every time.
Always be yourself.

And yes, I am owning this quotation: “I wanted to be someone that I wanted to be and not to become somebody just so you will accept me.”

I’d rather be quoted as someone weird and geeky or even apathetic than to live up and create a facade that is not totally me just so other people will accept me. Though its really difficult, I must!

Though I can be the odd man out, I don’t care.
Right now, I can fully understand what this mean “This is me, Love me, hate me, Whatever.”